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April 25, 9:00 Erathia
Castle Gryphonheart
April 25, 9:52 Portrait of Archibald
Hired Navigator
April 26, 10:25 Arrived in Tatalia (on the Lady Catherine)
Won Arcomage game #7
3 Horseshoes (WWJ)
The Jolly Bard Master Mace
Quest: Set of Paintings (Ferdinand Visconti)
Delivered Set of Paintings to Ferdinand Visconti
Won Contest of Might
Set Beacon (Twindalah #2)
Lord Whitington Master Shield
The Jolly Bard Master Shield
April 26, 11:06 Wromthrax's Cave

Seven League Boots from Wromthrax
April 26, 11:27 Crusader

Obelisk #12
Stonehenge Monolith
Cleared surface (trolls and archers)
+2 Speed well
Lord Whitington Expert Armsmaster
April 26, 14:28 Lord Markham's Manor
Delivered Letter to Lord Markham and received Parson's Quill
Stole Vase

Killed guards
Golem right arm from chest
April 26, 16:17 Tidewater Caverns

Map to Evenmorn Island
April 26, 17:20 Bracada (by Lloyd's beacon scroll)
4x Armageddon scroll from Bookshop
Tularean Forest (by Town Portal scroll)
Received Bounty for killing Guard (1700 gold)
Bought Fly scroll
The Proving Grounds
Level 14