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The Seers of Serenity, high in the southern mountains that separate Karigor from Jadame, are troubled. A prophet of their Guild has gone renegade, and is spreading the word that an apocalypse, caused by devilish horrors, is nearing and that Ceth himself, the Creator, will come to Karigor in a final effort to battle this evil and prevent the collapse. The prophet, who calls himself Thelmes, calls for the followers of Sun and Moon to unite and prepare a great sacrifice. As he follows the river Ebony downstream, more people believe his words every day.

That bothers the Seers even more, is that with all their foretelling powers combined, they cannot see if this prophecy has merit or not. Therefore, they cannot interfere. But there may be a way to discover the truth. Scattered over the land, are chapters of the Book of Ceth. Long ago, the book was cut up and the chapters hidden to the eyes of the common people because their contents were thought to be too dangerous for anyone in this age to know in its entirety. Now, so many centuries later, nobody even knows the location of the chapters. If the Book could be found and made whole again, the truth would surely be revealed. So they called a conference with the leaders of the Clerics and the Necromancers - and found out, much to their dismay, that neither side was interested. Obviously, both churches did not believe the prophecy, but each saw in the coming Sacrifice their chance to rule the world.

Now the Seers of Serenity are going to play a desperate gambit. Against all odds, a party of adventurers will be sent forth to gather the lost chapters of the Book of Ceth. They will have to go in stealth, yet they need to gain the favour of all the lords of Karigor in order to be able to search the sacred, guarded and perhaps even haunted places that might hold the chapters. Because of the necessary low profile, none of the great and famous can be asked to join in this venture. Instead, the Seers put all their hopes in the young and inexperienced. All they can do to prepare them is to set a short test of promise and loyalty, and any that will pass this test will simply have to do.

Still, the Seers are not without resources, and the party will find friends that can help them along the way. Often, these will be followers of the Stars, the third path that - in Karigor and about everywhere else - has been suppressed by the Sun and the Moon alike for as long as one can remember. The chance that the party will succeed in time before the Sacrifice takes place seems slim. Eventually the prophet Thelmes will reach the shores of Terrax in the north, where the river Ebony flows into the ocean. It may be vital that the party is present at every major speech that Thelmes is going to make, because they may learn some important clues from his words.....



The map of Karigor (neighbouring provinces of Jadame shown in yellow).

The party arrives in Serenity on January 1, 1083 AS, at 9:00 hours, to answer a call for heroes from the Seers. There is no time limit for the completion of the game.


Part 1: Test of Promise and Loyalty

During the first stage of the game, the party have to prove themselves worthy for their assignment. Until then, they only have access to the five southernmost provinces. If they pass the Test of Promise and Loyalty, they will be given access to the riverboat, the St. Nicholas, and earn their first promotion. Captain Sam Finneas will take them down the river Ebony into the lands to the north, to follow the renegate prophet Thelmes.

Part 2: Seven Chapters

The main stage of the game has the party searching for the Seven Chapters of the Book of Ceth, to learn the truth about the prophecy. As they follow the prophet and gain permission from local lords to search for the chapters, they earn themselves reputation, title and second promotion. Meanwhile, things are happening around them, and the factions of Sun, Moon and Stars will each attempt to get the party to support their side. Incidents grow into warfare.

Part 3: The Sacrifice

Eventually, all paths lead to The Sacrifice, that the prophet Thelmes has planned to appease the gods. The outcome, however, is in the hands of the party. They have to make dire choices before the endgame takes place - if they have not been corrupted earlier. Will they stay true to their original questgiver, or are they persuaded to provide Sun or Moon with a decisive edge? What did they learn from the prophet's speeches, and what does the Book of Ceth say?


Type Purpose
Mainline Advance the Storyline (essential)
Prophet Unlock Permission Quests and events (essential)
Permission Unlock Mainline Quests (essential)
Chapter Unlock Endgame (essential)
Path Determine the Outcome of the Game (choice)
Promotion Character Class Development (non-essential)
Title Character Race Development (non-essential)
Side Experience and Awards (non-essential)

Suggested order

Part One

Part Two

Part Three