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Januari 7, 06:27 Isle of Ashes

No sign of civilization. This cannot be Mendossus! Check the shore to see if you can salvage something from the wreckage. As a rule, save the game before you open a chest, and use the character with the highest skill at Disarm Trap, because many treasure chests in this game have the nasty habit of exploding in your face.

1 Chest
Some skullthrowers and a dragonfly mite
Orb +10 Temporary Might

Make your way to the Orb, you can need a little extra might. On the way, make good use of your bows. Note that monsters may drop a little package of gold - sometimes even holding items - when they die.
At the Orb, use the spacebar for each character (press tab to make the next character active). Then follow the canyon until you come to a clearing where you find a man called Forad Darre. If you play your cards right, he will help you.

Forad Darre
"Out boat crashed on its way to Mendossus." 1,200 xp
"Have you seen Yrsa the troll?"

Kettle: +10 Temporary Elemental Resistance

The Kettles work just like the Orbs. Now check your questbook, The task to find Yrsa is right there, along with the obvious job to find a way to get off this island. To find Yrsa, follow the canyon a little further. It's not time yet to cross the bridge to the ruins you can see in the distance.

Yrsa the Troll
"There you are. 200 xp
There is a group of dragonflies who have been pestering me."

She has a job for you. If you are low on hitpoints, drink from the nearby well. When you're done, go through the tunnel into the open field. You should be able to deal with the dragonflies, just take them on one or two at a time. You don't need to clear the entire field, but there is a good reason to do it anyway:

1 Chest

Most treasure chests are randomly filled when you first set foot in an area. Only the level of the treasure is predetermined. Now go back to Yrsa and tell her you the dragonflies won't pester her again. Listen well to what she has to say, she has your destiny in her hand.

Yrsa the Troll
"Who are you?"
"I am Yrsa the Troll
. I wil help you leave this island, but you must agree to do something for me at any time of my choosing." 1,000 xp
"Very well."
"Good. In my hand, I have your destiny.
There is a man, who calls himself Tamur Leng.
He and his hordes from Baldonia are sweeping across Rysh, conquering everything in their path.
Your fate, is to unite the six clans of the Chedian. Unite them, and lead them against Tamur Leng."

Yrsa the Troll
"How do we get off this island?"
"Perhaps you shoud speak to Forad Darre."

Him again.

Forad Darre
"Yrsa has charged us with a quest, and we need your help."
"I am at your disposal.
If we are to get off this island, we have to take care of the Bone Thrashers.
I bet there is something behind that locked door that will help us!"

What d'ya know. Forad joins the party! He is a tough fellow, so put him in front. Press F to rearrange the formation, if necessary. If you want to speak with Forad while he is in your party, make him the active character and press 5 (his slot number). Actually, it is a good idea to talk with him right now.

Forad Darre
"What was that you said about a locked door?"
"I bet that there's a way to beat the skeletoids behind it. Maybe we should ask Yrsa."

Yrsa the Troll
"How do we get through that locked door?"
"Here, try this."

So what if she's a little forgetful. She still gave the key. If you forgot to heal up by drinking from the well the last time you visited Yrsa, do so now. There are some Bone Thrashers to deal with at the other side of the bridge. Now make your way to the Turret, and do not enter the ruins like we did!

Januari 7, 08:54 Verhoffin Ruins
1 Chest east: Elemental Aura (-), Chain Lightning (-), Scroll of Beacons, Composite Bow of Being, The Chopper of Fear
Table SE: Key to Study

2 Zombies: Dodge (Robin), Sparks (-), Curse (-)
Verhoffin's Book
1 Chest: Scroll of Divine Intervention, Perception (Ivanhoe)
1 Chest near main corridor: Scroll of Dark Grasp
Set Beacon #1

Januari 7, 10:14 Isle of Ashes
Bone Thrashers emerge from the ground
Used Turret Key
1 Chest: Fear (-), Dark (Rowena), Town Portal (-)
Januari 7, 10:20 Destroyed Mausoleum

Alright, there were a few surprises. The Turret Key was to open the door to the Turret down at the waterfront. You didn't venture into the Verhoffin Ruins, right? You have no business there! (We did, but that's another thing entirely.) Open the turret's manual and the turret will fire, destroying the Bone Threasher Mausoleum so no more will pop up. Make sure you do this in Real Time mode, or the video won't run and the game freezes. Off the island you go!