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Januari 11, 10:29 Sturmford

Civilization! Towns have shops, trainers, perhaps even people with jobs so your party can earn some money gain the necessary experience. And it has a Jarl. You need to speak to all the Jarls of Chedian in order to unite the clans. Meanwhile, engage in conversation with the citizens, they can provide you with a lot of information. Later you might want to explore the area outdoors.

Januari 11, 10:38 Sturmford City

It is always a good idea to check the tavern, and don't be afraid to enter the houses. Most people here are friendly.

Bjarni Herjolfssen (tavern)
"Perhaps we can buy you a drink?"
"I believe Drangheim agents have penetrated our defenses and are planning an attack."
"We will sniff out the spies for you."

Ludwig Van (house)
"What happened to your manuscript?"
"It fell down the drain in my Beet Hoven."
"We'll get your manuscript for you."

That's two quests already! There is an entrance to the Beet Hoven in Ludwig's house, but it sounds a bit dangerous to go in there right now, and it's urgent to find the Jarl.

Clover (Ivanhoe)

Pick up all the clovers you can find. They give one skillpoint to the character that eats it (double-click on the clover in the character's inventory).

Randver the Storm (scribe's office)
"We'd like to ask you a few questions.
What do you know about Bjarni Thorvaldsen?"
"He's a pig! I don't know how a monkey like him could himself a Jarl."
"You would dare call your Jarl a pig?"
"He's not my Jarl."
"What do you mean?"
"Er, uh, nothing"
"Why do I think that you are lying to us? What do you know about sabotage?"
"I'm not the one who unlocked the town gates ... Uh-oh." 200 xp

You have exposed a spy! He quickly disappears, but the job is done. Return to the tavern to collect your award, then resume exploring the town.

Bjarni Herjolfssen (tavern)
"We've discovered who the saboteur is."
"I'll make certain he pays for this!" $500 / 500 xp

Clover (Robin)

Town Hall
Cleansed Town Portal Altar

It is necessary to cleanse the altars, or the Town Portal spell will not work. Each Jarl has one in the province, but some of the altars are not so easy to find.

Bjarni Thorvaldssen (Town Hall)
"Is there anything we can do for you?"
"I have composed a letter that will sweep Kira, the Jarla of Tronheim, from her feet and make her mine."
"We need help to defeat Tamur Leng."
"I shall give you aid. But in order to do so, I need you to do two things.
Clear the Imps out of Anskram Keep.
Break Ivsar Forktooth out of Drangheim Prison."

Since there is no ship leaving today, and the Keep seems pretty dangerous, it seems a good idea to start looking for Ludwig's manuscript now. To prepare, visit the training grounds. Your characters should be able to train up to level 3, gaining 10 skill points, and if you have any fighters in the team they could perhaps become Expert at bow, armor or the weapon of their choice. Training also heals characters completely. Therefore, we went out the west gate to practice on the dragonfly population first.

Januari 11, 11:35 Sturmford

Some dragonflies
Bones: Elemental Protection (-)

Be very careful when searching bones. There is a chance they cause disease, so save the game.

Januari 11, 11:50 Sturmford City
Some money in well

Training grounds
Level 3
Ivanhoe L2 Blade L4 Bow
Rowena L3 Cudgel L3 Identify Item
Rebecca L3 Cudgel, L3 Bow
Robin L2 Blade, L4 Bow

There is an entry to the Beet Hoven at the end of the Training Grounds, but it's a good idea to find the local Bow teacher first. As she is closer to the Temple, that's where we'll enter the Hoven.

Ivanhoe Expert Bow
Robin Expert Bow

Januari 11, 12:39 Beet Hoven (first level)
Lobbers: Wound (-), Torchlight (-), Town Portal (-), Faith (-), Shield (Robin), Curse, Elemental Bolt (-)

Shoot the Lobbers, or they will continue to produce pods.

Januari 11, 13:29 Down the well to the second level
3 Sarcophagi: Poison (Rowena), Dark (Rebecca)

Kill the Rotters before they complete smashing their sarcopahgus and they will give items.

Bone Thrashers, Skeleton, Airborne Ickies
1 Chest NE
Bone Thrashers, Rotter
Bones on ledge: Poison (Rebecca)
Treasure in single Vase west: Armsmaster (Ivanhoe), Disease (-)
5 Sarcophagi (2 are chests): Thrown (-), Fear (-), Resist Death (-), Wizard Eye (-), Curse (-)
Januari 11, 15:10 Ladder further down
Lobbers: Feather Fall (-), Heal (-), Enchant Item (Rowena), Bodybuilding (Ivanhoe)
Airborne Ickies
Trash heaps: Armsmaster (Robin), Purify (-)
Ludwig's Manuscript: "My evermore beloved"
Januari 11, 16:13 Back up the ladder
Bone Thrashers, Rotter: Turn Undead (-)
4 Sarcophagi (2 are chests): Bodybuilding (Robin), Armsmaster (-) Emerging from the well
Lobbers: Elemental (-), Enchant Item (Rebecca), Transfusion (-)

Januari 11, 17:18 Sturmford City

Training grounds
Level 4
Ivanhoe L3 Blade, L2 Armsmaster
Rowena L3 Elemental
Rebecca L3 Spirit
Robin L3 Blade, L2 Armsmaster

Ludwig Van
"We've found your manuscript."
"Wonderful! Here's your reward." $2,000 / 3,000 xp

At this point we decided to finish the remaining part of the Beet Hoven, the maze. It is quite a dangerous place, so you might want to skip it for now and return later.

Januari 11, 17:54 Beet Hoven
Down the well
Skeleton, Bone Thrashers

Skeletons, Bone Thrasher
1 Chest: Purify (-), Magic Mine (-), Feather Fall (-)
Well +5 permanent Speed
2 Chests: Heal (-), Wizard Eye (-), Sparks (-)
Bones: Bless (-)
Up the well

Januari 11, 20:34 Sturmford City

Training grounds
Level 5
Ivanhoe L4 Blade
Rowena L3 Dark
Rebecca L3 Elemental
Robin L4 Blade

Ivanhoe Expert Blade
Robin Expert Blade

There are no magic teachers in Sturmford.

Januari 11, 21:08 Sturmford

Dragonflies: Heal (-)
Bones: Wrath of the Bugs (-), Armor (Rebecca)
Field Thralls
Orb: +10 temporary Accuracy
3 Chests: Merchant (Robin), Bodybuilding (-), Pain Reflection (-)
Barrel: Ivanhoe +2 Speed
Basilisks: Arms of Earth (-)
1 Chest: Enrage (-), Resist Death (-)

The gate to Anskram Keep is closed. However, at the back of the keep, there is a weak spot in the outer wall. Hit it and you have created an opening, crouch to get through.

Basilisk: Light (Rebecca)
Rebecca learns Bless, Curse, Elemental Protection, Feather Fall, Heal, Sparks, Turn Undead, Wizard Eye

Now take the stairs in one of the towers to find the entrance on the roof.

Januari 12, 00:18 Anskram Keep

Nagate Hatchlings, Airborne Ickies: Fleet Foot (-), Haste (-)
2 Barrels: Ivanhoe +2 Accuracy, Robin +2 Speed
Nagate Hatchlings: Enchant Item (-), Curse (-), Spirit (-), Town Portal (-), Sparks (-)
3 Fireplaces

The fireplaces produce a series of imps. Kill them all, and the fire goes out. Forget one and the quest is not completed.

Switch east
1 Chest
Thrash: Spell Reaver (-)
4 Chests: Purify (-), Bless (-)
1 Fireplace
Nagate Elder: Spear (Ivanhoe)
1 Barrel: Ivanhoe +2 Endurance
2 Fireplaces
Switch west
Nagate Hatchlings: Elemental Protection (-,-), Identify Monster (Robin)
1 Chest
Main switch: double doors
2 Fireplaces
Elevator comes down, guards appear and do a victory dance
Chest at trapped floor: Paralyze (-)

Januari 12, 04:49 Sturmford

Januari 12, 05:57 Sturmford City

Bjarni Thorvaldssen (Town Hall)
"Anskram Keep is clear"
"Here is a reward for your trouble." $3,000 / 5,000 xp

Training grounds
Level 7
Ivanhoe L2 Armor, L4 Armsmaster
Rowena L3 Spirit
Rebecca L3 Light
Robin L2 Shield, L4 Armsmaster

General Store: Scroll of Fleet Foot
Library: Shield (Ivanhoe,-), Meditation (Rowena,Rebecca,-), Light (Rebecca,-), Armor (Rowena), Perception (Rowena), Armsmaster (-)
Rowena learns Bless, Curse, Elemental Protection, Feather Fall, Heal, Sparks, Torchlight, Wizard Eye
Rowena L3 Light
Rebecca L3 Dark

Ake the Righteous (Temple)
"You wear the look of an ensemble on a mission."
"We must unite the clans aginst Tamur Leng and his hordes."
"That quest is worthy of a champion of good like myself.
If you would but donate 1000 gold per month to my temple, I would be happy to aid you in your quest."
"Welcome aboard."

Magic Shop: Turn Undead (Rowena)

Januari 12, 07:46 Sturmford
Gelatine Spore, 4 Nettle Spores

Januari 12, 12:00 Dock

By waiting til noon, we can catch the fast ferry.