>> Callisto Fire and Air >>

Jan 25, 17:56 Ravenshore
Quest: Elemental Hearts (Xanthor)
Arcomage Champion
Dismissed Dyson Leland
Hired Dervish Chevron
Pure Personality (Dervish Chevron) (from inventory)
Pure Speed (Dervish Chevron) (from inventory)

Jan 25, 18:07 Shadowspire
Dismissed Cauri Blackthorne
Hired Vetrinus Taleshire
Pure Speed (Vetrinus Taleshire) (from inventory)
Vetrinus Taleshire Grandmaster Meditation
Won Challenge of Luck (Callisto)

Jan 25, 18:35 Dagger Wound Island
Regeneration skill for Vetrinus Taleshire
Callisto Master Armsmaster
Intellect well (temporary)
Won Game of Intellect (Dervish, Vetrinus)
Vetrinus Taleshire Grandmaster Alchemy

Jan 25, 18:53 Ironsand Desert
Set Beacon (Vetrinus Taleshire #1)
Vetrinus Taleshire Expert Regeneration
Vetrinus Taleshire Master Staff

Jan 25, 18:57 Temple of the Sun
Set Beacon (Vetrinus Taleshire #2)

Jan 25, 19:00 Garrote Gorge
Fire Resistance well
Delivered Dragonbane Flower #2

Jan 25, 19:05 Ravenshore
Dismissed Nathaniel Roberts
Hired Cauri Blackthorne
Pure Luck (Blazen, Dervish, Vetrinus)
Pure Speed (Vetrinus)
Pure Accuracy (Blazen, Dervish, Vetrinus)
Pure Endurance (Blazen, Dervish, Vetrinus)
Pure Might (Cauri, Dervish, Vetrinus)
Won Challenge of Speed (Blazen, Cauri, Dervish, Vetrinus)

Jan 25, 19:16 Shadowspire
Won Challenge of Luck (Blazen, Cauri, Dervish, Vetrinus)

Jan 25, 19:19 Regna
Won Challenge of Accuracy (Blazen, Cauri, Dervish, Vetrinus)

Jan 25, 19:20 Alvar
Won Test of Intellect (Blazen, Dervish, Vetrinus)

Jan 25, 19:26 Garrote Gorge
Cauri Blackthorne Master Sword

Jan 25, 19:32 Temple of the Sun
Personality well
Won Contest of Accuracy (Blazen, Cauri, Dervish, Vetrinus)

Jan 25, 19:48 Balthazar Lair
Ravage Roaming
Won Test of Endurance (Dervish, Vetrinus)

Jan 25, 19:59 Ravenshore
Cauri Blackthorne Expert Meditation

Jan 25, 20:04 Ironsand Desert
Delivered 3 more Fire Resistance potions
Reported Fire Resistance distributed
Won Test of Accuracy (Callisto, Blazen, Cauri, Dervish, Vetrinus)
Used Armageddon scroll

Jan 25, 20:53 Cyclops Larder

Remains of Korbu

Jan 25, 21:09 Shadowspire
Delivered Sarcophagus and Remains of Korbu

Jan 25, 21:10 Ironsand Desert
Obelisk #3

Jan 25, 21:20 Plane of Fire
Fire Elementals and Efreetis

Jan 25, 22:27 Castle of Fire
Lucky Hat
Ring of Fusion
Archangel Wings

Heart of Fire

Jan 25, 23:43 Murmurwoods

Jan 25, 23:49 Plane of Air
Some Aire Elementals

Jan 26, 0:08 Castle of Air

Over 1,000,000 gold
Heart of Air

Jan 26, 1:05 Ravenshore
Delivered Elemental Hearts
Conflux Key
Quest: Source of Cataclysm (Xanthor)