>> Callisto Regna >>

Jan 25, 12:40 Ravenshore
Merchant House of Alvar
Quest: Sink Regnan Fleet (Elgar Fellmoon)

Jan 25, 12:42 Dagger Wound Island

Jan 25, 12:52 Regnan Pirate Outpost
Blackwell Cooper

Pirate Leader's Key

Jan 25, 13:37 Small Sub Pen

Callisto arrives on Regna
Drank from Central Fountain
Delivered False Report
Won Arcomage game #11
Bow skill for Dysin Leland
Bought Pure Speed (Cauri Blackthorne)
Bought Pure Might (Blazen Stormlance)
Bought Pure Accuracy (Cauri Blackthorne
Bought Pure Intellect
Bought Pure Speed
3x Armageddon + 1x Armageddon scroll
Won Challenge of Accuracy (Callisto)
Quest: Stanley's Treasure (One-Eye)
Speed well
Pirate mages

Jan 25, 15:06 Pirate Stronghold

Jan 25, 15:37 Passage under Regna


Jan 25, 16:49 Abandoned Pirate Keep
Mace of the Sun
Cannonball of Dominion
Cannon design notes

Regnan Fleet

Cannon Fired

Jan 25, 17:50 Ravenshore
Merchant House of Alvar
Reported Regnan Fleet destroyed
Quest: See Xanthor (Elgar Fellmoon)

Jan 25, 17:52 Alvar