>> Callisto Witness >>

Jan 21, 00:04 Plane of Earth


Jan 21, 02:48 Dagger Wound Island

Jan 21, 02:50 Balthazar Lair

Jan 21, 02:57 Ravage Roaming
5x Armageddon
Iron Gorgons

Jan 21, 03:40 Dagger Wound Island

Jan 21, 03:51 Plane of Earth
Heart of Earth

Jan 21, 05:34 Ravenshore
Won Challenge of Speed (Callisto)
Won Contest of Luck (Blazen Stormlance)

Jan 21, 05:52 Alvar
Stormlance Expert Perception

Jan 21, 05:53 Ravenshore
Guild Caravans

Jan 23, 6:00 Garrote Gorge
3 Horseshoes
Accuracy well
Axe skill for Callisto
Axe skill for Blazen Stormlance
Perception skill for Cauri Blackthorne
Won Arcomage game #9
Bought Lloyd's Beacon scroll
Stormlance Master Bodybuilding
Quest: Find Blazen Stormlance (Leane Stormlance)
Brought home Blazen Stormlance
Set Beacon (Nathaniel Roberts #2)

Jan 23, 6:18 Dragon Hunter's Camp
Sir Charles Quixote

Quest: Drum of Victory (Zelim)
Quest: Slay all Dragons (Avalon)
Fire Resistance well
Quest: Dragonbone Flower (Calindril)
Callisto Expert Armsmaster
3x Armageddon
Dragon Pets
Dragonslayer's camp

Jeric Whistlebone
Jan 23, 7:18 Sword of Whistlebone
Naga Queens

Jan 23, 7:40 Shadowspire
Leather skill for Blazen Stormlance
Dagger and Staff skills for Blazen Stormlance
Guild Caravans

Jan 25, 7:44 Ironsand Desert
Won Arcomage game #10
Quest: Ancient Troll Home (Volog Sandwind)
Reported Ancient Troll Home found
War Troll
Overdune Snapfinger, witness
Quest: Ashes to Tomb (Overdune Snapfinger)
Set Beacon (Nathaniel Roberts #3)
Quest: Fire Resistance (Pole)
Nathaniel Roberts Master Water Magic
Delivered 3 Fire Resistance potions
Quest: Ingredients for Pure Endurance (Talion)
Delivered Ingredients for Pure Endurance
Pure Endurance (Callisto)

Jan 25, 8:06 Troll Tomb

Ashes placed

Reported Ashes placed
Dismissed Talimere
Hired Overdune Snapfinger

Jan 25, 8:40 Alvar
Brought forward Witness to Lake of Fire
Quest: Alliance (Bastian Loudrin)

Jan 25, 8:43 Ravenshore
Dismissed Overdune Snapfinger
Hired Talimere