>> Callisto Alliance >>

Jan 25, 8:49 Balthazar Lair
Alliance with Minotaurs
Quest: Axe of Balthazar (Tessalar)

Jan 25, 9:03 Dagger Wound Island
Certificate of Authentification from Dadeross

Jan 25, 9:04 Balthazar Lair
Delivered Axe of Balthazar
Minotaur Lord

Jan 25, 9:08 Shadowspire

Jan 25, 9:17 Necromancer's Guild
Quest: Nightshade Brazier (Sandro)
Dismissed Talimere
Hired Dyson Leland

Jan 25, 9:39 Ravenshore
Callisto Master Plate

Jan 25, 9:44 Balthazar Lair
Bought Pure Intellect (Cauri Blackthorne)
Bought Pure Speed (Blazen Stormlance)
Bought Pure Endurance (Cauri Blackthorne)

Ravage Roaming
Won Test of Endurance (Stormlance, Dyson)

Jan 25, 10:08 Plane of Water
Nathaniel Roberts Grandmaster Water Magic
Heart of Water


Jan 25, 10:47 Temple of the Sun
Quest: Skeleton Transformer (Oskar Tyre)

Nightshade Brazier

Jan 25, 11:14 Shadowspire

Necromancer's Guild
Delivered Nightshade Brazier
Alliance with Necromancers


Jan 25, 11:49 Garrote Gorge
2 Dragonbane Flowers

Jan 25, 12:25 Dragon Cave
Quest: Dragonbane Flower (Balion Tearwing)
Delivered Dragonbane Flower
Quest: Kill all Dragon Hunters (Jerin Flameeye)
Quest: Dragon Leader's Egg (Deftclaw Redreaver)
Delivered Dragon Leader's Egg
Alliance with Dragons
Quest: Sword of the Slayer (Deftclaw Redreaver)
Delivered Sword of Whistlebone
Great Wyrm