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Jan 07, 14:54 Free Haven
Archers and Mages at Temple of the Moon

Jan 07, 15:16 Temple of the Moon

Plaque read
3 Cobra Eggs, Altar of Life (CE)
Altar of Accuracy (SW)
Altar of Might (SE)
2 Cobra Eggs, Altar of Endurance (NE)
Altar of Speed (CW), switch to treasure room
3 Chests: Remnants of a Letter
Altar of Luck (NW)
2 Cobra Eggs, (Altar of the Moon) (N)

Jan 07, 19:22 Kriegspire
Well +10 Permanent Magic Resistance
Hired Master Healer, healed party
Dismissed Master Healer

Jan 07, 19:30 Shadow Guild

Jan 07, 19:30 Ironfist

Jan 07, 19:36 Temple of Baa
Hall SW, 3 magical brews
Hall NW, 1 magical brew, 1 steaming brew
Clicked NEWS doors to open central room
1 Chest: Bathhouse Key, ambush!
Store Room Key in statue
1 Chest: Bathhouse Key
1 Chest: Store Room Key
1 Chest: Treasure Room Key
1 Chest: Secret Door Key
Hall SE, 2 magical brews, 2 steaming brews
Jan 07, 23:13 Corridor East

Stairs - ambush! - Gong, Secret Door
Balcony North, 1 chest: Treasure Room Key, Chime of Harmony
Balcony South, 5000 gold in torch, Treasure Room
Skeleton horde

Jan 08, 01:05 Shadow Guild

Jan 08, 01:06 Free Haven
Hired Duper, Gatemaster

Jan 08, 01:11 Blackshire
Dismissed Gatemaster
Hired Merchant
Bought Spellbooks Moon Ray, Finger of Death, Dragonbreath (X)
Bought Spellbooks Armageddon, Shrapmetal (G)
Dismissed Duper, Merchant

Jan 08, 01:14 Mire of the Damned
All Ghosts, Skeletons and Harpies, 1 Chest SW
Placed Wolf Statuette

Jan 08, 06:07 Shadow Guild

Jan 08, 06:08 Free Haven
Rest of surface

Jan 08, 07:33 Dragoon's Keep

Empty cabinets, 1 barrel, lever in SE room

Jan 08, 09:59 Shadow Guild

Jan 08, 10:00 Free Haven
Hired Duper, Merchant
Dismissed Duper, Merchant
Hired Gatemaster

Jan 08, 10:11 New Sorpigal
Dismissed Gatemaster
Delivered Chime of Harmony

Jan 08, 10:11 Dragoon's Keep
1 Barrel, 5 barrels, lever in SW room
Treasure room, lever in room North

Jan 08, 13:46 New Sorpigal
Sold 7 Cobra Eggs x $300

Jan 08, 13:47 Shadow Guild

Jan 08, 13:48 Free Haven
Hired Duper, Merchant
Delivered Mordred
[fame=2303] and kept Mordred
Bought Spellbooks Inferno (XI), Haste (X)
Bought Spellbooks Fly (X), Implosion (I)
Dismissed Duper, Merchant

Jan 08, 14:00 Shadow Guild