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Jan 06, 17:52 Bootleg Bay

Jan 06, 17:53 Temple of the Sun

1 Chest, 1 cabinet: Sacred Chalice (+second treasure)
Wall NE opens, Minotaur King
6 Barrels, many chests

Jan 06, 19:03 Free Haven
Delivered Sacred Chalice to Temple

Jan 06, 19:07 Shadow Guild

Jan 06, 19:07 Frozen Higlands
Reported Sacred Chalice delivered
High Priest

Jan 06, 19:10 Bootleg Bay

Jan 06, 19:15 Temple of Tsantsa
Switch in room north, switch in room NW, 2 chests

2 Chests SW room: Cell Key
Switch south of central room
Sherell Ivanaveh, empty chest

Jan 06, 22:34 Shadow Guild

Jan 06, 22:35 Free Haven
Returned Sherell Ivanaveh

Jan 06, 22:35 Frozen Higlands
Well +5 Permanent Endurance
Well +5 Permanent Might

Jan 06, 22:43 Kriegspire
Well +5 Permanent Elemental Resistance

Jan 06, 22:52 Bootleg Bay

Jan 06, 22:52 Hall of the Fire Lord
Quest: Unward Doors (Fire Lord)
2 Chests: 4 Ambers, Journal Fragment
Hole East, fallen Goblin Shamans
Hole South, some Goblins, hall south, corridor to SW Chamber
2 Chests: 1 Amber, corridor to SW hole
Hole SE to Chamber SE, 4 chests: 2 Ambers, hole

Main Hall, hole east, central hole of 3
Fallen Defender: Chest Key, corridor to MH door, Main Hall cleared
MH, hole east, south hole of 3, portal to NW Chamber, Door NW unwarded
MH, hole east, north hole of 3, portal to NE Chamber, Door NE unwarded
1 Amber in chest room north of MH
Hole NE, some goblins, hole NW, some goblins, hole North, last of the goblins
1 Chest: Crystal Skull
Reported Doors Unwarded

Jan 07, 05:08 Shadow Guild

Jan 07, 05:09 Ironfist
Rest of the Lizardmen and Baa Followers

Jan 07, 06:20 Corlagon's Estate
3 Chests, 1 chest: Page from Corlagon's Diary, 1 chest

1 Chest in hall east, 1 chest: Wand of Paralyzing
Switch at end of corridor upstairs, switch NE, spiral down
Set beacon

Jan 07, 13:31 Shadow Guild

Jan 07, 13:31 Free Haven
Hired Duper, Merchant
Sold Amber (6 x $500)
Dismissed Merchant
Hired Gatemaster

Jan 07, 13:44 Blackshire
Dismissed Gatemaster
Hired Merchant
Bought Spellbooks Prismatic Light, Hour of Power, Paralyze, Sunray (G) Dismissed Duper, Merchant

Jan 07, 13:46 Corlagon's Estate
Switch in corridor SW, treasure room, switch in south room
Power Lich, Crystal of Terrax

Jan 07, 14:45 Shadow Guild

Jan 07, 14:45 Free Haven
Hired Gatemaster

Jan 07, 14:49 Mist
Dismissed Gatemaster
Delivered Crystal of Terrax
Arch Mage
[fame=1930], saintly

Jan 07, 14:53 Shadow Guild