Seoman New Sorpigal >>

Jan 01, 09:00 Seoman, Miriamele, Aditu and Jiriki arrive in New Sorpigal

2 Horseshoes (MJ) at stables
Party uses Fly scroll from bank wall
Well 8x +2 Permanent Luck (SSSAAJJJ)

Rooftop of Buccaneer's Lair

Jan 01, 09:05 Dragonsand
Touched Shrine of the Gods +20 Permanent 7 stats

Touched wall of NWC dungeon to teleport back

Jan 01, 09:06 New Sorpigal
Delivered Letter to Andover Potbello
Joined Buccaneer's Lair
Joined Blade's End
1 Chest, 4 Barrels at docks (1 empty)
Miriamele took Sword in Stone
Joined Self Guild
Joined Elemental Guild
Well +10 Temporary Might
4 Chests among Mages SE (Ring +5 SP)
1 Chest on island east
3 Chests among Goblins NE
Opened Rock on shore (Magic Bow)
Mixed Essence of Personality (A)
2 Horseshoes (JJ) at Obeslik #15
2 Chests outside Abandoned Temple

Jan 01, 09:56 Abandoned Temple
Thunder Mace
2 Barrels (1 empty)

1 Chest (Candelabra) and 1 Barrel in room east
Jan 01, 10:10 [fame=2]

1 Chest north of northern bridge
Town Hall
Quest: Discover Goblinwatch Code (Janice)
Food Trees
2 Chests near bridge to Castle Ironfist
1 Chest behind Goblinwatch

Jan 01, 10:22 Goblinwatch 3 Chests in west room (Goblinwatch Code)
Jan 01, 10:31 [fame=3]

Returned Candelabra
Hired Duper
Hired Merchant
Mixed Essence of Intellect (SMJ)
Water Magic skill for Seoman, Miriamele and Jiriki
Bought Spellbook Awaken (S)
Leather skill for Miriamele and Aditu
Sword skill for Miriamele
Bought Studded Leather +5 SP
Delivered Goblinwatch Code
Dismissed Merchant
Hired Gatemaster
Party has $12827