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Jan 01, 10:44 Silver Cove
Dismissed Gatemaster
Hired Merchant
Quest (Council): Fix Prices (Loretta Fleise)
Joined Berserkers' Fury
Bow and Shield skills for Aditu
Chain skill for everyone
Fixed Price Abdul's Discount Travel

2 Horseshoes (JJ) at stables
Mixed Essence of Endurance (SMAJ)
Dismissed Duper
Dismissed Merchant
Hired Gatemaster

Jan 01, 10:55 Free Haven
Dismissed Gatemaster
Fixed Price Free Haven Travel West

2 Horseshoes (MM) at stables
Fixed Price Free Haven Travel East

2 Horseshoes (MM) at stables
Joined Body, Spirit, Mind guilds
Joined Air, Water, Fire, Earth guilds
Joined Duelist's Edge
Joined Smuggler's Guild

Jan 01, 11:10 Free Haven Sewer (at Sergio Carrington's)

Grates (Sewer Key, $7K)

Jan 01, 11:13 Free Haven Sewer (at Takao's)
Treasure Room
1 Chest (Imperial Leather of Life, $6K)
Jan 01, 11:16 [fame=19]

Hired Ral the Carpenter
Hired Almond the Stonecutter
Dropped off Carpenter and Stonecutter at Free Haven Temple
Miriamele, Jiriki Expert Water Magic
Hired Duper
Hired Merchant
Bought Spellbook Telekinesis (A)
Bought Elven Cloak of Magic (+11 SP)
Bought Spellbooks Lloyd's Beacon (J), Town Portal (S)
Dismissed Duper
Dismissed Merchant
Hired Explorer
Hired Pathfinder
Quest (Cavalier): Knight's Nomination (Osric Temper)
Quest (Council): Devil's Outpost (Osric Temper)
Set Beacon (J#3) at Castle Temper
Set Beacon (J#1) at Temple Baa
2 Chests SW (Spellbook Cure Paralysis (A), $8K)