The Ways

So far for the background story - but what about the game? Clearly, it is possible to finish MM7 without going to Vori or doing any quest related to the island. And yet, it would be so nice to visit the land of the beautiful snow elves ....

Well, there are ways. I have been there, and so has Gandalf, and have a few others. And there are things to do. But, being the mystery land it is, Vori offers no guarantees - and neither do I. A way may pop up in your game, or it may not. All I can do is to describe the ways that have on occasion presented themselves (and perhaps there are more!), and the quests that were offered en route.

Ship The Pirate ship in Tatalia which has run aground at the Tidewater Caverns, is in fact the Mitetiiro. When the renegade elves landed on the continent of Enrathia, they had no further use for the ship and simply left it behind. Pretty soon some Tatalian pirate claimed it, and it must have changed hands many times before Lord Markham put and end to the pirating business. The last pirate who had the ship received a full pardon. To exploit the situation, you must: (a) find the pirate, he will repair the hull; (b) free the ship. This can only happen at high tide (6:00 am or pm), but even that won't be enough. It can only be done in the summer, if enough ice has melted to sufficiently raise the water level. Note that in very hot summers the swamps of Tatalia will be flooded, so it's easy to see whether the time is right. Just a note: when you do arrive at the Vori docks, beware of the gremlins. They don't look like much, but if they get near they will steal your stuff!
Tunnel From Wromthrax's cave, a tunnel leads all the way to the island. The door to this tunnel is in the lake, but the wetsuits won't help here since it's ice, not water, while they are useful elsewhere in several lakes and rivers. The Teeth of the Glass Dragon are needed to scrape the ice and gain access, and these in turn can be found in the secret lab inside the Nighon volcano. This is in fact the way found by Gandalf (he stumbled into the passageway to the lab when he was trying to escape the lava) and he had to battle his way through to the other end of the tunnel, only to find himself surface inside the Keep of the Frost Giants ....

Pedestal If you look closely at the map, you will notice that the south-west corner of the Shoals connects to Vori. To be precise: to the Faerie Forest on north-east Vori. Now, the Shoals are covered with ice, but exactly in the corner you will find a heroism pedestal with a burning flame. Wouldn't it be great of you could lift it up? Well, you can - it only takes a LOT of might, somewhere in the neighbourhood of 1000 if memory serves. And GM perception to discover that you have to turn it 90 degrees before it will come loose. It helps a lot on the next stage of your journey if you take the snowgliders from the Lincoln silo (the Vorichod, so to speak).
Egg #1 I've foun' a way back t'this islan', yessuh, but by an accident. As lef' th' cave wif th' Dragon eggs (ah foun' three, but only one is needed), ah decided t'clear mah backoack an' throw two eggs down th' hills. Yessuh, ah had been interested ( not t'ssay curious) t'see whut had happend, cuss it all t' tarnation. Down ( near th' water) ah foun' th' two busted eggs. Near t'one a scroll an' t't'other a silvah key, ah sto'ed both. ah inspecked th' scroll an' recognised, thet's a town po'tal scroll, ah reckon. Instead of throwin' it away, ah used it an' retched Emerald Islan'. In th' Dragon Cace ah sar a hidden keyhole (only visible wif GM percepshun, not sho'nuff but 60 sh'd fit). ah tried t'use th' key an' succeeded wif th' space key ( like in th' Walls of Mist). ah entered th' tunnels an' fought mah way out ( yo' need light spell, GM, purdy dark thar). At th' end of th' tunnels ah sar a golden po'tal, openin' , when ah was near 'nuff. Wal, this hyar way ah retched VORah! Fry mah hide!! Fry mah hide!! Fry mah hide! Additonal hinst: 1. u need one char wif a power level at 87 o' mo'e t'crash these dadburn eggs. 2. save befo'e tryin' t'crash, success is not guareenteed etch time. - CthB
Egg #2 I've found some way back t'dis island, yeah dude, but by an accident. Man! As left da damn cave wid de Dragon eggs (I found dree, but only one be needed), ah' decided t'clear mah' backpack and drow two eggs waaay down de hills. Yeah man, ah' had been interested (not t'ssay curious) t'see whut had happend. Waaay down (near de booze) ah' found da damn two busted eggs. Near t'one some scroll and t'de oda' a silva' key, ah' sto'ed bod. I inspected da damn scroll and recognised, dat's some town po'tal scroll. Instead uh drowin' it away, ah' used it and reached Emerald Island. In de Dragon Cace ah' saw some hidden keyhole (only visible wid GM puh'cepshun, not sho' man but 60 should fit). I tried t'use da damn key and succeeded wid de space key ( likes in de Walls of Mist). I entered da damn tunnels and fought mah' way out (ya' need light spell, GM, fine dark dere). At da damn end uh de tunnels ah' saw some golden po'tal, openin', when ah' wuz near enough. Lop some boogie. Well, dis way ah' reached VORI! Preach it loud, bruddah!! Right on! Additonal hinst, dig dis: 1. u need one char wid some powa' level at 87 o' mo'e t'crash dese damn eggs. 2. save befo'e tryin' t'crash, success be not guaranteed each time. - HolyB
Disclaimer: While both Gandalf and I have visited Vori, it may or may not have been in Might & Magic VII, and the above may or may not be based partly or even entirely on fantasy. On the other hand, so is MM7. Some believe, and some don't.