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A staff is a large, thick stick that can be used as a two-handed pole weapon. It is typically used to hit an opponent in vulnerable places or to make them lose their footing. Experts can also use staves defensively.

The staff is a weapon of choice of the Bard. It is also the best weapon of the Sorcerer. Both Bards and Monks are seen combining staff and unarmed combat to great effectiveness.

To use a staff, a player character has to learn and develop the Staff skill. Ogre and Troll Explorers, as well as Ogre, Human and Genie Students, can choose to start out with basic knowledge of this skill.

There are two subtypes of the staff: bo and staff.


Of the 12 final professions, 10 can potentially equip a staff.

mastery professions
grandmaster Bard
master Monk, Sorcerer
expert Knight, Ranger, Cleric, Saint, Druid, Runemaster, Necromancer

List of staves

Selection, specifications and flavour texts by Fander Treespook.

staff level value damage flavour text size
bo (two-handed)
Bamboo Stick 1 20 1d6 A simple stick of bamboo makes for a very cheap weapon with minimal effort. Bamboo is readily available in and around the region of Serenity. 1x8
Tapered Bo 3 100 1d6+2 The reduced weight from the tapered ends of this solid white-oak staff slightly reduces its damage potential. This minor disadvantage is, however, more than made up for by the increased speed of the weapon. 1x8
Performer's Pole 5 200 1d6+4 The Circus of the Sun sports many excellent performers; acrobats, tightrope walkers, pole vaulters, martial artists, animal trainers, clowns and more. All of these regularly use staves in their performances and though their staves might differ, common to them all is a perfect balance and superb grip. 1x8
Martial Bostaff 8 400 1d6+6 In the hands of the martial master a bostaff becomes an extension of the body. It has longer reach and greater damage potential than fists and feet alone. It offers good protection and does not hinder the movement of a trained wielder. This bo has metal fittings to make it stronger and better protect the user when blocking weapons. 1x8
20 25000 2d3+7 This staff is believed to have originated in the empire of Phynaxia. Not much is known about the short-lived Phynaxian empire though, and the same goes for this weapon, except that its enchantments obviously was focused on the mind and the body (+7 to hit, 2d3+7 damage, +10 Meditation, +10 Body Building, +10 all Resistances +5 Body Magic, +5 Mind Magic). 1x7
staff (two-handed)
Shaman's Staff 1 40 2d4 A shaman needs to look convincingly menacing to keep his position within the primitive tribes of Karigor. It's obviously popular among their rank to achieve this by affixing skulls of various dead animals atop their staves. 1x9
Student's Staff 3 200 2d4+3 A popular weapon of choice among those who set out onto the path of magical studies, these staves come in many variants. They are all hardwood with quartz cystal tops however and are commonly around 8 feet long. 1x9
Scholar's Staff 6 400 2d4+5 A Scholar needs to display rank over the Students. In Eldrar's Tower an unwritten law demands that Scholars carry Scholar's Staves. This particular staff is a quite solid quarterstaff, wrapped in red velvet and capped with golden knobs. 1x9
Sorcerer's Staff 9 600 2d4+7 The sorcerers of faraway Bracada are famous for many things, their beautiful coromandel staves among them. You can almost feel a presence when you touch the ebony wood. Perhaps it is the spirit of the griffin adorning the top of the staff. 1x9
20 30000 2d4+8 Found by trolls in Murmurwoods near a circle of stones, this oaken staff is surely of druidic origin, but that is just about all that is known about the magnificently carved pole. Strange indeed that such a marvelous artifact would be left behind by a community of druids, though (+8 to hit, 2d4+8 damage, of Earth Magic, +10 Alchemy, +10 Meditation, +5 Learning, +5 Reputation). 1x9