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Compose Amonwelle's song.
Create a cinematic version of the intro.

The intro is played when the application is started, and will furthermore be viewable from the main screen.


  • Amonwelle (female ancient, middle-aged human voice)
  • Some wizard (male, middle-aged human voice)
  • Narrator (could be male or female)


Scene 1

Amonwelle: "They are coming. I can hear them now. They have broken through the last veil and they are coming. Our defenses have failed, the last of the forges will fall to the rebels."

Scene 2

Amonwelle: "Garfield is standing in the corner, a truly remarkable specimen this one is. He is holding the Terrax, the crystal pulsing like mad. It has fallen to him to bring the Book of Ceth north to the gathering of wizards, where it will be safe, for now. He is confident that he can make it."

Scene 3

Amonwelle: "We sowed, and we planted. But we were overeager and did not know what hid underground. And yet there is hope. The Guardian still remains. The prophecy has been woven. And the saplings of the Ygg are strong, and well tended to. We cannot give up. But I, Amonwelle, must go with my own. The last ship is leaving, and we will not return."

Amonwelle: starts song (voice only) about the beauty and sadness of starting new worlds and leaving them to their fate.

Scene 4

Narrator: "... Ages passed ... and the curiosity of the children of Colony could not be ignored ..."

Scene 5

Some wizard: "It is decided, then. To protect the words of the ancients, we will split up. Each of us will take one of the chapters."


Currently, the intro shows a number of still renders, where the player clicks to go to the next one.