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Player characters can be equipped with musical instruments to play a battle tune during combat, with beneficial effects. Some hirelings can play for the party as well. Which instruments can be equipped is determined by the character's mastery of the Music skill, and the same goes for which tunes can be played. Musical instruments count as and are equipped as a weapon.

The musical instrument is a weapon of choice of the Bard.

To use an instrument, a player character has to learn and develop the Music skill. Elf and Genie Explorers, as well as Troll, Elf and Genie Students, can choose to start out with basic knowledge of this skill.

There are various kinds of instruments: flutes, strings, drums and horns. There is no essential difference between them except for their sound. Different battle effects are generated by the enchantment on the instrument in addition to the Music skill.


Of the 12 final professions, 10 can potentially equip a musical instrument.

mastery professions
grandmaster Bard
master Monk, Saint, Druid
expert Thief, Cleric, Runemaster, Sorcerer, Necromancer
normal Assassin

List of instruments

Selection, specifications and flavour texts by Fander Treespook.

instrument level value mastery flavour text size
Bone Flute 1 10 normal Bone flutes are merely hollowed pieces of animal, beast or humanoid bones with a varying number of fingerholes. They are among the oldest known musical instruments. 2x1
Tambourine 1 20 normal Trollore tells of an ancient troll called Tambourine Troll. Mr. Tambourine invented a shallow drum with a jingle-inset frame that was amazingly versatile in play. Nobody remembers the instrument's name, so it is now merely called a tambourine. 2x2
Lute 2 50 normal The lute may be hard to play, but the elven string instrument is even harder to tune with tapered tuning pegs held in place merely by friction. A witty bard saying goes: "We tune them all day and play them out of tune all night." 2x3
Meh Horn 3 100 normal Made from a large hollowed-out ram horn these ceremonial horns are sounded vigorously throughout the Amazing Graze, the yearly convention of the Cult of Meh, as the Meh Circles are created. It is a good way to keep sane, hearing people away. 2x2
Wooden Flute 4 50 expert The small, clear grain and deep, dark color of this smooth and polished wooden flute suggests a make from Murmurwood Heartwood. Small letters engraved on the side read "GWF" and are most likely the initials of the maker. 2x1
Fiddle 5 100 expert With a slightly less curved bridge than that of similar stringed instruments, the fiddle is not played, it dances. It is the most popular instrument in festivals and celebrations for the common man throughout Karigor. 2x3
Metal Gong 6 150 expert Gongs were used back in the Time of Wonders to announce the approach of official processions. The number of strokes in a series indicated the rank of the procession or the head person of the procession. Today this custom is antiquated. 3x3
Dragonskull Trumpet 7 200 expert Self-taught trumpet players rarely excel in their performance and trumpet playing remains a guarded craft. The teachers of Dragonskull handpick their trumpet apprentices and mercy on him who misplaces one of their precious instruments... 3x2
Cane Whistle 8 100 master This whistle is made from a varnished bamboo pipe and decorated by silk ribbons. It is held vertically and is easier to hold for any length of time than a flute. It is blown like a bottle. 3x1
Jungle Drum 9 300 master Drums are among the oldest and most widespread instruments. Almost every culture employs them to some extent. Many of the jungle tribes of southern Karigor are rightfully proud of their drum-making traditions. Their Jungle Drums are usually characterized by their conical drum shells. 2x3
Harp 10 200 master In legend, the idea for the first harp came from an archer who noticed how his bowstring sounded when plucked. That bow is now a beautifully ornamented rosewood frame with twenty-two sheep gut strings that range over three octaves. 3x3
Phynaxian Bagpipes 11 400 grandmaster Why do you think the Phynaxian army was always on the march when the bagpipes sounded? Probably, they were trying to get away from the noise! 4x2
Ogre War Drums 12 500 grandmaster The Ogre War Drums, nicknamed TomToms after the two drums, Huge Tom and Gigantic Tom, will bring a chill down the spine of anyone who's seen and heard and Ogre army march. It's easy to imagine how this instrument demoralizes the enemy and inspires the ally. 4x3
Syrinx 0 0 master The very first Pan flute made, Syrinx was created in memory to the musician Pan's lost love, the nymph called Syrinx. Pan made the Syrinx himself, around 600 years ago and it has since been the model for many Pan flutes throughout Karigor. Strong emotions are captured within this instrument and though it obviously has a remarkable effect on the player's opponents during battle, it gives a strange feeling of having another, more specific kind of magic to release (artifact: +5 Music, of Mind Magic, +10 Spellcasting). 2x2
Oliphant 20 25000 master Nobody knows the motives of the giantling Sudnumtu when he forged this mighty horn for the hero Sir Roland Charleston, but historical accounts confirm that Sir Charleston indeed put the horn to use during battles. Unconfirmed sources have reported findings of similar horns, but nevertheless, each horn still only counts as one (artifact: +2 Music, +2 Mind Magic, +10 all Resistances, +2 Pathfinding, +2 Learning). 2x3
Daurdabla 30 20000 master The Guild of Bards created this instrument around 890 AS. The process was so complicated and the deadline for finishing to tight, that the work was hurried to much, and the essence of the exhausted and, by then, a little negligent crafters slipped into the instrument along with the augmenting enchantments. Still a very beautiful and useful instrument, Daurdabla has also been called the 'Instrument of the Seasons', as it often leads its player to play soft tunes in harmony with nature and the time of the year (relic: creates 1 unit of food per party member per day when equipped, +2 Spirit Magic, +20 Might, +30 Earth Resistance, -30 Endurance, -30 Accuracy). 3x3
Gjallarhorn 30 30000 master Made by the necromancers of Deyja, this horn is a most devastating tool, by its ability to cast the Armageddon spell once a day. Why the necromancers would want to make a magical horn they themselves could not use, is beyond comprehension, as such an item surely would help them conquer the world. A theory speculated upon by the Guild of Bards state that the necromancers made the horn to discredit the bards, tricking them into playing the horn at great gatherings. This may well be the case (relic: of Armageddon, +100 Hit Points, +50 Dark Resistance, -50 all other Resistances, Affects reputation). 4x3