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Search for the Minotaurs

Volee and its many buildings are visited by the Chedians. What there is of interesting in the shops? What about a training house? Meanwhile, they talk to passers by trying to figure out direcitons to the minotaur temple invasion.


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03-24-2003 19:36

Volee, on the streets

Eagerly, the adventurers begin their systematic exploration of the capital. They are in for a few surprises - some good, some bad, some puzzling.

At the Palace, the heroes are disappointed. Apparently they need an invitation to get in, and even pushing the young Prince Ironfist in front doesn't impress the guards. But there is so much more to see, that they soon forget.

The other three Towers of the Castle contain the Royal Messenger Service, the Officer's Lodge (where a lieutenant named Parn says no, they cannot go upstairs, but would they hire one of the King's finest soldiers?), and the Hospital, where the healing of outsiders can be bought for a price.

With no way to climb up to the castle proper, they continue their reconnoitring in the park area. The fresh water of the fountain looks inviting, and our friends take a gulp.

Vilx: "Refreshing!"
Arturchix: "........ !!? "
Regran: "Shaolin Master, what's that big grin all about?"
DaveO: "I have not seen you like that since you first cleansed an altar ... oh ....! "

DaveO is right. The Druid has made an important discovery, as a destination has been put on his mental Town Portal map!
A map, that had been so empty ever since their arrival. With only a limited number of beacon slots, this will be a great help in their endeavours.

Then they notice a small gathering in the far corner of the park. Some form of entertainment seems to be going on, and they are drawn to it. When they join the circle of spectators, they notice that it is a Bard who is captivating her audience. One of the Snowelves whispers her name: Tanni.
She is just starting a new song.

"Pilgrims, how you journey
on the road you chose
to find out why the worlds die
and where the stories go.
All days come from one day
that much you must know,
can you change what's over
or only where you go?"

"One way leads to rainbows,
one way leads to gold,
another leads you only
to everything you're told.
In your heart you wonder
which of these is true;
the road that leads to nowhere,
the road that leads to you."

"Will you find the answer
in all you say and do?
Will you find the answer
in you?"

"Each heart is a pilgrim,
each one wants to know
the reason why the worlds die
and where the stories go.
Pilgrims, in your journey
you may travel far,
for pilgrims it's a long way
to find out who you are ..."

"Pilgrims it's a long way
to find out who you are ..."

"Pilgrims it's a long way
to find out who you are ..."

free after Enya

Long after the song dies out, the heroes still have the eerie feeling that, somehow, the lyrics were directed at them.

But the gathering dissolves, and now they can see why that corner of the park was special. It's the Relic they had been told about : the sword-in-ice!

Vilx tries hard to identify the item, but somehow his efforts seem to fail. While not without beauty, the weapon registers as a rather plain blade.

To be continued

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Volee, exploring the town

Returning from the happening in the park, the adventurers first take a peek at the small row of fine-looking houses opposite the palace. In one of them lives Jiriki, the Grandmaster teacher of Pathfinding. Naturally, if they could have any hope of ever becoming that good, our heroes first need to find the basic skillbook. The next house, surprisingly, is the residence of Tanni, the Bard. Interesting that they should meet her again so soon. She appears to be the Master teacher of Music!
Curious as always, Arturchix asks about the whereabouts of the Grandmaster teacher.

Tanni: "Only Droppa of Seelie surpasses my skills."

There is also a Jewelry shop, with rings and hangers of the finest quality that seem very expensive to our poor party. Next, they find a - workshop? - with the strange name of "Contraptions". On the shelves there are some weird-looking items that they cannot identify at all. Nobody is manning the counter, but there is a box with the text: "Place orders here."
Finally, at the end of the row, they find the most interesting house
of all: the Guild of Chaos. It sells all the Grey Magic spellbooks up to and including Master level.

Just looking at the beautifully designed tomes is a wonderful experience. In addition to the normal-level spells they already know ("We still have those scrolls", Arturchix recalls), there are books for: Illusion, Shadow and Rainfall (the Expert spells), as well as the even more powerful Phasing, Doppleganger and Hailstorm (the Master spells). Of course, they are not a member of the Guild, and can't even become one until they have proven themselves worthy. But it is encouraging that there are such spells and that maybe one day they will be able to learn them and put them to good use.

Next, the group turn their attention once more to the south side of the central part of the city. Next to the Merchant House, the town has a smaller gate and they take a peek outside. They have a good look over the bay. On the horizon, the ranger seems to detect something.

Regran: "It's a ship, just outside the bay. It seems to be lying in wait."
Nicolai: "Could that be a pirate ship?"
DaveO: "Who knows. Now is not the time to find out."
Vilx: "Arturchix, can you see on your mental map of Town Portal, if Tatalia lies in that direction?"
Arturchix: "Vilx, I cannot see that. All I can see is that there is land in the south. Prince Ironfist?"

Nicolai: "Yes, Tatalia is there, and east of it lies Erathia, the property of the Gryphonhearts, my mother's House. If you follow the coast of the mainland further east and then north you find Rigard and Avlee."
DaveO: "This is not the mainland, then?"
Nicolai: "No, Vori is an island. And the mainland is only one of several continents, too."
Vilx: "This is a huge world, then. Are we supposed to go everywhere?"
Nicolai: "I shouldn't think so. The key to our rescue must be right here on Vori. We just saw the Grey Magic spellbooks. There must be a way to use them to save my world."
Arturchix: "Shouldn't there be a Grandmaster Grey Magic spell, too?"
Nicolai: "As far as I know, all the magics have a Grandmaster spell. But I have no idea what it could be and where or how we could learn it."
Vilx: "There is still a lot we do not know yet."
Regran: "Come, let's check out the Thieves Guild now."

to be continued

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Volee, exploring the town

Next to the Thieves Guild there is a small well. Encouraged by the earlier experience with the central fountain, the adventurers take a sip, but nothing happens.

Inside the Guild, they are greeted by a most unlikely pair of Thieves. One, Fafhrd - a half-elf? - is at least two heads taller than the other, Greymouser. It is the latter fellow who does most of he talking.

Greymouser: "Wannabees, are we? Do you come to take the Introductory Course? Or are you sightseeing? But wait - "
The little guy takes a hard look at Vilx.
Greymouser: "You have chosen professions already. A pity, Thief is a such honorable vocation!"
Arturchix: "Honorable, mister?"
Greymouser: "You think we all live in sewers with the rats?
The Guild has a code. We do no steal from the simple people. Fafhrd, give that back."
Fafhrd: "This your helmet?"
Regran feels his head and sure something is missing.
Vilx: "What do you do, then?"
Greymouser: "We seek treasure, especially relics and artifacts, or rare collections like Lord Markham's vases! Of course he has good protection, he is paying us, haha. Fafhrd, stop that!"
Fafhrd: "So sorry, ranger. Here's your bow back."
Regran: "He is paying you to steal vases for him? Are you for hire?"
Greymouser: "No, you misunderstand. He pays so we don't steal from him! But if you have a good job, yes, you could hire one of us. There's Etoh in the storage room now, he is always happy to go adventuring. Eh ..."
Fafhrd: "I can't help myself. Young one, here's your parcel back. And paladin, there's your boots."
Nicolai: "Give that here!"
DaveO looks at his bare, unwashed feet, and hastily puts his boots back on ....
Greymouser: "You could still take the Introductory Course if you want and become an honorary member of the Guild. All you need to do is, ahem, take that elevator upstairs."
DaveO: "Another time, maybe."
Fafhrd: "Yes, another time. Here are your boots again."

Slightly disturbed, the heroes leave by the door, and quickly check their every possession.

But the rest of the city awaits them.

The four shops in the center, are pretty much what can be expected in a big city. They all have large stocks of good stuff.

Kazandar, the Blacksmith, is working hard on a new blade, but takes the time to show them what he has to offer: plenty of daggers, one- and two-handed swords, axes and spears, maces and a fair number of bows, all in the range from crude to a lot better than Larhana had to offer, and a good number with enchantments, too. DaveO can hardly keep his eyes off a Minotaur Axe of Frost, while Regran favors the Dragonbone Bow of Carnage. But these are way out of their league, moneywise.

Ladyhawke shows the party her finest cloaks, belts, head- and footware. She also has plenty of chainmail and plate armor. The many silver items make them remember Deedlit's outfit, but Arturchix licks his fingers when he sees a beautiful Savant's Crown of Power. Again, the price tag says otherwise.

The House of Herbs is exactly what the name says. The owner, the lady Aditu, shows them a sheer endless supply of the basic herbs in red, yellow and blue. But she also has ready-mixed white, grey and black potions. Regran finds the black potion called 'Dragonslaying' most interesting, and it is affordable for only 400 gold, but Vilx argues that they should learn more before spending any money at all. Maybe the grey potion 'Berserker' or the white one named 'Protection from Magic' would suit their immediate needs better.

Yazira's Incantations appears to sell scrolls and all kinds of miscalleneous items, even including a four-leaf clover. But Ineluki, the shopkeeper, also has a nice collection of musical instruments. There are drums, bone flutes, lutes and trumpets. But most remarkable is a strange instrument called 'bagpipe' that none of them had ever seen before.
All the instruments carry enchantments, says Ineluki, but these can only be discovered after sale.

Arturxchix[b]: "But how do we use these instruments?"
: "You need to acquire the Music skill. I have plenty of skillbooks for 250 gold a piece. As a Druid, you could eventually Grandmaster it. Here, look at the first page."

Skill: Music
Type: Weapon
Description: Diminishes damage done by foes to any party member
Normal: Reduces damage by L points for a percentage of all melee attacks
Expert: Adds a saving throw of 2L% v a percentage of all melee attacks
Master: Instruments can be played with one hand
Grandmaster: Damage reduction and saving throws also v spells and ranged attacks

Regran: "Do you, by chance, also sell the Pathfinding skillbook?"
Ineluki: "Bah, who needs that. But if you insist, for merely 100 gold each. A Ranger could learn this all the way."

Skill: Pathfinding
Type: Miscellaneous
Description: The ability to get around outdoors
Normal: Reduces all mapcrossings by 2L% (to a minimum of 1 day)
Expert: Allows party to swim underwater without limit, mapcrossings minus 4L%
Master: Allows eagle view of area, mapcrossings minus 6L%
Grandmaster: Allows party to mountaineer, all mapcrossings are reduced to one day

Regran: "Now this is getting interesting."
Arturchix: "It sure is. Imagine, learning an entirely new skill!"
Vilx: "Still, I'd like to see the rest of the city first. What teachers are here, and maybe we should go over to the School of Judges."
DaveO: "And the Cheese Factory."
Nicolai: "Evening is near, I'm getting hungry."

to be continued .....

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I have decided to pause the game until either
(1) order has returned on the forums, or
(2) it becomes clear that the situation is hopeless.
In the latter case, I will seek a new home to allow us to continue.

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Volee, exploring the town

The ring of homes around the central shops appear to house the city's upper class, but most of them have little to offer except disdainful comments on Minotaurs, adventurers and outlanders in general.

Still, some of them ask about relatives who seemed to have left Vori years before, and if they have seen any Elves in Avlee.
Nicolai assures them that there are indeed Elves in that province, but he knows not their names.

Others show concern about the trade, and could something be done about that terrible pirate Wacko who is after their shipments. No promises are made.

And there are remarks about the Barbarians who seem to be causing unrest, and how things were much safer for travellers when Lars Eilief ruled a true Barbarian kingdom. The adventurers can only nod in agreement.

With the east part of the city still unexplored, the heroes do not linger. Soon, they g.e.t. lost in the narrow streets and alleys.

And yet, somehow, with DaveO taking point, they do in fact end up at the Cheese Factory.

Viesis had already told them that some non-Elf folk lived in this part of town, but they are much surprised to find that the factory is run by ... a Minotaur, by the name of Thanys!

Thanys: "Welcome, travellers! How can I help you?"
Arturchix: "Whoops!"
DaveO: "Cheeeese ... I mean, could you give us directions to the Grand, er, to the Cathedral of Eep?"
Thanys: "It's not hard to find. Just take the western bridge over the canal and keep following the road. The hard part is getting in."
Regran: "How's that?"
Thanys: "Lord Balthazar has been very secretive of late. Of course, I am no longer part of his mob."
Vilx: "Have they done you wrong?"
Thanys: "They have hidden my Recipe Book. I know the more common recipes by heart, but not the recipes of the rarer cheeses. If you could find it and bring it to me, I would pay a handsome reward."
DaveO: "We'll see what we can do."

Any handsome reward sounds good to the party!

There is some talk among the party members about trying some of Thanys' cheeses but the discussion ends when they discover the School of Judges as the very next building.

Here the reception is less friendly, maybe Regran's mentioning the Judge Extraordinary could have something to do with that?
A Clerk brings them straight to Judge Grey's chambers on the second floor. The Judge hardly looks up from some gadg.e.t. on his desk.
It appears to be a scale of sorts.

Judge Grey: "State your case and be gone. I'm busy going through this pile of the traitor's leftover cases."

With that he places one scroll on one end of the scale, and another as counterweight. For a moment, the scale is balanced, but then suddenly one end drops.

Arturchix: "Sir, was that a courtcase? Shouldn't there be arguments made, witnesses heard, evidence examined?"
Judge Grey: "We are much more efficient now. Thanks to this modern device" - he points at the scale - "the weighing is done a lot faster. Live cases are so tedious."

Both curious and disappointed, the adventurers leave the school.

Vilx: "What was that instrument?"
DaveO: "Is that how they do things here?"
Regran: "I wonder, would that old judge Viesis rule in the same manner?"

The empty feeling in their bellies could have several meanings, but they decide to look for a tavern. They do not have to go far, apparently judges g.e.t. hungry, or thirsty, most rapidly. There is one right around the corner, at a small square. It is called The Silver Eel, a name that Nicolai finds very appealing. Are there eels in the waters after all?

When the young Prince Ironfist enters the tavern, ahead of the others, one of the customers comes straight at him ....

to be continued ...

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Volee, exploring the town

Nicolai: "Sir Blackpoole!"
Chadwick Blackpoole: "Prince Nicolai, at last I have found you! I had to trace you all the way from Terrax. You covered quite a distance, young one."
Nicolai: "Is there any news from my mother?"
Chadwick Blackpoole: "There is indeed, and I bring you further instructions. Come, let you and your friends have dinner with me, and I will tell you everything."

Sir Blackpoole of Rockham is introduced to our adventurers as a knight from Erathia, in the service of Queen Catherine Gryphonheart.

Regran: "Sir, we are eager to hear any news from your land."
Chadwick Blackpoole: "There is good news and there is bad news. Which do you want to hear first?"
Vilx: "We could do with some good news, we really could."
Chadwick Blackpoole: "There we go then. The good news is that the Warlocks have been defeated, and Erathia has been restored to order. I understand that they have also been driven away from the Elven territories, and the remnants of their army have returned to Nighon."
Nicolai: "That is good news indeed. What about the Kreegan? And have you learned anything about my father's fate?"
Chadwick Blackpoole: "Alas, young one. Your father is still missing. And the Devils are far from extinguished. And there is more. With the Warlocks out of the picture, the old conflict between Erathia and Avlee was revived. There is much tension over the Contested Lands such as Harmondale, both Humans and Elves claim the territory."
Arturchix: "I am so sorry about your father, Nicolai."
DaveO: "Could the two be related? I mean, could the Elves be holding King Ironfist prisoner?"
Chadwick Blackpoole: "Who knows. I wouldn't put it past them. We are sending our best spy, Loren Steele, to investigate. But if you ask me, my bet is on the Devils."
Vilx (suddenly frightened): "Are you not in danger, coming here? I mean, these are Elves."
Chadwick Blackpoole: "The Woodelves and the Snowelves are two different peoples. There are stories about the Woodelves originally coming from Vori, but I don't know if there is any truth in it. They are barely on speaking terms."
Nicolai: "Sir Blackpoole, you said something about instructions?"
Chadwick Blackpoole: "Yes. Well. Just that you are to proceed with the utmost speed. We have reason to believe that the worst is still to come."
Arturchix: "This Lord Markham, is he to be trusted?"
Chadwick Blackpoole: "I'd say so. And he could be of great help if he is your friend."

After dinner, the friends finish their exploration of the capital. This being summertime, the sun is still shining, but the mood is gone. They are all too aware of the seriousness of the story - no, history in the making - that they are now a part of.

Still, there attention is caught by the Summerfair, also known as the Bazaar of the Bizarre at the very east end of the town. They have a good laugh at the Minotaur hats (with two holes) on sale, and the little Gremlin statues that seem very popular. Then all of a sudden, Vilx makes a discovery. He calls for the stallholder, a young lady Snowelf by the name of Sualiche, and points at what looks like a weapon of sorts.

Vilx: "What's that?"
Sualiche: "It's called a Boomerang. You throw it at the enemy, and it comes back after it hits. I have a hard time selling this item, since no-one here quite understands the skill involved, but maybe you outlanders can use it. You can have it for only 300 gold."

Before anyone else realizes what happens, Vilx has already paid the lady out of his share of the party's money, and he is now the proud owner of a throwing weapon!

Regran: "Lady Sualiche, do you know a good place where we can stay the night?"
Sualiche: "Why, my parents own a tavern only two streets north of here, it's called the Wardance. You can't miss it."

This ends the exploration of Volee. So many impressions, so many choices to make! What will the heroes do come the new day?

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04-05-2003 15:28

To the temple

Directions taken, rations in backpacks, the heroes head for the temple, intenting on finding out all about the minotaurs.


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Vori, to the Cathedral of Eep

In the early morning, the adventurers are surprised by raindrops falling on their heads when they leave the Wardance. Taking a different route, only now do they discover the Gymnasium. Prices for training up are a bit steep: 4500 gold for the next level.

The air is misty in and around the city, but the fog clears by the time they pass the western bridge. Nevertheless, the town of Volee, with all its wonders, is soon left behind in the distance. Though a small trail continues due west, they follow the main road when it bends somewhat to the right, as instructed. The wilderness, here mainly consisting of bushes and only the occasional tree, offers them the company of singing birds and furry groundhogs.

As promised, they cannot miss their destination. The Cathedral, or Grand Temple, is clearly visible from afar. Aware of the prospect, the heroes ready themselves for an upcoming battle.

by Alberto 'Falx Necis' (stretched vertically 60%)

From closeby, the building looks like it badly needs a painter and a carpenter. But there is a door, and it is tightly shut. They push and they kick but it gives not an inch. Finally, the adventurers remember their resolve to try the polite way first, and loudly bang on the wood. A shadow appears behind the glass panel.

Minotaur Guard: "What you!"
Regran: "Can we please enter this here beautiful temple?"
Minotaur Guard: "Riffraff be not welcome at the Ceremony! Only the Frost Giants' party is invited, for political reasons. Be gone!"

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04-06-2003 23:55

Unabashed, the heroes seek another quietly look around the place, seeking another entrance. Maybe it is hidden by the countryside?


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04-07-2003 10:36

Vori, at the Cathedral of Eep
No other doors are visible, so the adventurers search every inch of the surrounding wilderness. They g.e.t. to know the thorny undergrowth pretty well, but find nothing of interest except maybe the small trail south of the Cathedral that continues further to the west.

Regran: "I'm at a loss."
Arturchix: "Maybe we should follow that trail and see where it leads."
DaveO: "What was that about a ceremony and a Frost Giant party? Will we be able to sneak in when they arrive?"
Vilx: "I don't know. There's something on the back of my mind, I just seem unable to remember what it is ...."

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04-08-2003 18:55

Arturchix :
Yes DaveO, I still have beacon in Yanmir's Fort. We can ask his advice or help....just a moment, please.



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04-09-2003 02:23

Vori, Yanmir's Fortress

When the adventurers surface inside the Fort, they almost bump into a pack of the Yeti pups. They seem to have multiplied again, somehow. The Yeti pups, that is, not the adventurers.

They find Yanmir in the Throne Room, and he has not forgotten them. Atali is not there, but a portrait of Yanmir's daughter is hanging on the wall.

Yanmir: "Ahahmmmm. The favor, you say, for g.e.t.ting my daughter home."
Arturchix: "Yes, Lord."
Yanmir: "It so happens that two of my offspring, Trugelmir and Bergelmir, are indeed going to attend the Minotaurs' little ceremony. You could g.e.t. in as their servants. Are you sure you want this, because it takes you right in the middle of events."
Regran: "Mighty giant, what kind of events if I may be so bold?"
Yanmir: "Hommm, we plan to disrupt this ceremony of Balthazar's and make an end to all this nonsense. I won't have him join forces with that renegade Barbarian Sorcerer and threaten the Elves. A Minotaur initiated in the old magic, we cannot have that.
If you want this favor, be at the Grand Temple at noon. Trugelmir will tell you what to do."

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04-10-2003 16:42

Adventurers made their reverances and went out from throne room.
Vilx: quietly
I wanted to ask about that nice sword in ice, but just don't want do it right now. What a land - lords, ladies, kings and princesses, frost Giants and Swords... and very few normal people..
Friend Shaoma, let's try your new strange Town Portal toy back to Volee, please. Personally I don't want to be anyones "servant" without great need to be...

Regran: If we can buy some of those strange spellscrolls, making us invisible and if you can little train to cast some, I'll use all of my Ranger knowledge to sneak us in. Dave, can we afford some scrolls right now?

Arturchix: looking into strange runes, written on Grey scroll I can try, at least. I think I can understand how words are spelled here..just a minute..strange letter.. yes, I can!

Putting scroll into backpack, he casts new, water based TP spell with style...



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04-11-2003 13:55

Vori, at the Cathedral of Eep

The sun is high in the sky, and the time is almost right as the adventurers wait for the arrival of the Frost Giants. Arturchix is preparing to use the Fog scroll, holding another one they just acquired ready for when they are inside.

Bergelmir: "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

The heroes jump up at the voice that comes from behind, and find themselves in the company of two giants that look a lot like Yanmir, except maybe not quite that ancient and more prone to action ...

Trugelmir: "The High Sorcerer will notice, and it will alert him. We need the element of surprise."

The assessin is the first to catch his breath.

Vilx: "Sires, what is your plan then, could you tell us that?"

Trugelmir: "We will go inside, and pretend to condone Balthazar's initiation. When all the Minotaurs are gathered at the ceremony, we will strike. Your Chain Lightning spell will actually be helpful, as we can amplify it. If you join us, you can have any treasure that is left, except for Balthazar's Axe. That we do not want around anymore, it killed too many who were dear to us."

Bergelmir: "But don't be ashamed if you don't want to join us and risk being caught in the middle, we will go ahead without you and not think any less of you. You will, however, have forfeited your favor."

The moment of truth is here! Will the Chedians pose as the Frost Giants' servants and join the attack? Or will they return to Athlenius and claim the removal of the Minotaurs, without having contributed, and with no treasure to show for it?

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04-11-2003 16:52

DaveO: "Tell us about the Axe of Balthazar"

Trugelmir: "He crafted this weapon using part of his skill and imprisoned the soul of one of us inside the weapon to give it the cold damage. Not satisfied with this, he has sought assistance in crafting a weapon that could slay us in a single strike. Such a perversion cannot be allowed to continue."

DaveO: "Sounds like the Minotaurs are just learning Dark magic. I hope I speak for the others when I say that we should join in your attack."

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04-13-2003 01:12

All togheter!

The Paladin spoke wise words. The giants eye the heroes, expecting their answer to the battle's call.

Arturchix: I am with you. Lets fight.

Regran: I also want to fight by your side, Yanmir's sons, however we shall fight as companions...

Vilx: -as if reading Regrans mind - ... not as servants. Brothers in arms, against the minotaurs. Do we have a deal?

Four supergubbers. Two giants. And an entire fortress of Minotaurs to try stop them!!!


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04-13-2003 18:25

Vori, the Cathedral of Eep

At noontime exactly the door of the Cathedral is opened. The Minotaur Guard still frowns at the sight of the adventurers, but as servants of the Frost Giants they are allowed to pass.

Inside, there are traces of what once upon a time must have been a great place of learning. But the bookcases are empty, paintings scratched and torn, much of the furniture turned into thrash heaps. Instead, several rooms are now filled with crates and barrels. There are Minotaurs everywhere, and everyone seems to be moving to the auditorium. So do the Frost Giants, and the Chedians follow obediently.

The altar and the pulpit each are still in one piece - only their purpose is different now. As soon as the audience is complete, the light dims, and Balthazar himself speaks.

by April S.K. Parks

Balthazar: "This is a great day for the tribe. Our initiation into the Old Magic will grant us our proper place among the leaders of the world. Soon, everyone will feel the might of the Minotaurs and our new allies. I will now introduce to you our brother-in-arms, the High Sorcerer of the Barbarians, Slayn."

On that, there is a sudden flash of light and a figure appears next to the altar, with his back to the crowd. He is holding a grail and a sorcerer's staff, and wears an orange robe with a print of a purple citadel woven into the material. When he turns and faces the crowd, he fills the auditorium with his presence.

Slayn: "It is good to see that even the haughty Frost Giants are here to honor our superiority. Lord Balthazar, I have with me the Cup of Allegiance. Will you swear loyalty to Ceth, the greatest of all the Gods, and mix your blood with that of his followers?"
Balthazar: "I will, on behalf of the tribe."
Slayn: "Then bow, all of you. That includes you, too, Trugelmir."
Trugelmir: "I will do no such thing."
Slayn: "Will you risk our wrath, son of the Void?"
Bergelmir: "You will show proper respect to my grandfather!"
Trugelmir: "Has it come to this, Balthazar? Have you strayed so far from the teachings of Xaxius, the first Herdmaster?
And you, sorcerer, we kept silent when you turned into a follower of evil after Lord Slayer's death. We kept silent when you conspired to the demise of old Drogg who fell to Balthazar's Axe, because we honored the terms of the truce. But no more! We will do all that is in our power to thwarth Ceth's plans, and it begins ... here and now!!"

With great leaps Trugelmir storms towards the High Sorcerer, drawing a longsword in the process. At the same time, Bergelmir goes for Balthazar with a giant club.
But none of the two will go silently. Raw magic flows from the hands of Slayn, blocking the initial strike, while the Minotaur Lord wields his Axe.

For a long moment, everyone else stays in place, as if they are mere spectators. But now the other Minotaurs are starting to move in.

The Frost Giants' servants cannot stay back. DaveO, the Paladin, rushes forward, while Vilx sneaks up from behind with his daggers. Regran shoots arrow after arrow. At that time Arturchix chooses to cast his Chain Lightning spell - and a blast the size of which they had never seen before in Chedian leaves the entire temple trembling. Bodies fly everywhere. The High Sorcerer weirdly turns two-dimensional, then simply vanishes in a puff of smoke. Balthazar still stands, but is badly shaken. Then, before receiving the final blow from Bergelmir's club, he shouts his last battle cry.

Balthazar: "Dieeeeeeeeeee .....!!!!"

Suddenly it is all over.

The few surviving Minotaurs, all badly wounded, struggle to g.e.t back on their feet. Without their leader, they do not know what to do. Then, from an alcove, one of their kind who had not participated in the fight, steps forward.

Trugelmir: "This, herd, is your new leader, Masul. He will bring you back to your home in Jadame, where you are needed. Take your personal belongings only. The Axe of Balthazar is no longer yours. It will be returned to the Dark Dwarves that forged it, so that it can be destroyed. All the treasure you gathered on Vori will stay behind. From now on, heed the teachings of Xaxius. Be honorable, and you will prosper."

Heads low in shame, the Minotaurs follow their new leader out. Soon, the Frost Giants depart as well, leaving the temple to their former servants.

It is only then, that the heroes notice that one of them is lying flat on the cold stone floor. It is Arturchix, and he is very dead.

If you have no feet, don't walk on fire.


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Location: Wandering Vori
04-15-2003 11:54

Faces drawn in thoughts deep, the heroes approach the body of their friend. DaveO raises it from the ground as if taking a child in his hands. The gods of this land have not permitted Arturhix to return from Arslegard.

Regran: - closing the Shaolin Master's eyes with his hand - Rest for a while, brave one. You shall soon be rejoicing with us for that fight.

DaveO: - shouting high to the brothers - Giants! There must be a way to bring our comrade back. Can you tell us how?

Vilx: Let's clean this place up and go on, those Grey Council masters may have a way, and they shall do it by reason or by force.

Regran and Vilx stalk the bodies and treausure chests of the temple while DaveO takes care of ShaoMa's body. No one of them knew that in another place, someone was looking to them.

Arturchix: Did you like my new Chain Lightning, doorman?

Hanndl: It is Gatekeeper to you lad. But, yesss. You made a good job down there.

Arturchix: Why do not you let me return to them?

Hanndl: Maybe you are only dreaming that you are here. Who knows? In the meantime go to the Bathhouse and relax.

Arturchix: You bet! Has Ebora returned? Or the Mudfight is still going on in the Gathering?

... small talk...


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2003 16:18

Vori, Cathedral of Eep

While DaveO stays in the auditorium to guard Arturchix' lifeless body - as the adventurers soon find out, the building is still very much populated with rats and other vermin - Regran and Vilx start searching for loot and treasure.

Soon, they can be seen carrying bundles of Poleaxes and Hauberks. Several crates and chests are opened without too much trouble and these contain items that the Minotaurs had apparently 'acquired' on their campaign. Elven Cloaks an a number of good helmets and belts are discovered, as well as two silver bucklers, one of them enchanted with Protection from Magic. And the money is good. But the 'piece the resistance' is a delightful Faerie Amulet of Cloud Dancing, that gives +3 to the wearer's Music Skill.

One of the bedrooms upstairs looks like it was Balthazar's private quarter. On a desk the heroes find several scrolls with 'marching orders', and a painting showing the Minotaur Lord in optima forma is hanging above the fireplace.

Regran: "Something is strange about that painting. It has a faint glow about it."
Vilx: "Hm, even from closeby all I notice is the artist's signature, someone named - Uldric? Wait - when I push here - ah, it moves!"

Balthazar's portrait slides aside and reveals a vault!

Unfortunately, it's a combination lock. Three small handles below the vault, that were also hidden behind the painting, are in the 'down' position. Right next is a plaque with some text inscripted:

"One Eep is no Eep, Two Eep go after Baa's Sheep, Three Eep is the Cheese not to keep."

Nicolai: "Let's just try any combination, how many can here be?"
Vilx: "I don't think so, that would be too easy. If we don't get it right the first try who knows, it may never open."

If you have no feet, don't walk on fire.