Ground Rules

Score in Might & Magic IX is measured as (the party's experience / 1000) / Time, where time is the number of days completed (NB hirelings do not gain experience).
With respect to score, a new day starts at 6:00 am.
Experience is gained by killing as well as by completing quests. Since the outcome can be influenced by other factors than merely good gameplay, a few groundrules are necessary to make scores compatible. The following "cheats" are out.

[1] Respawning (eg Training Hall, skeleton machines)
[2] The learning skill (a bug, it should affect experience but not score. On top of that, the Grandmaster Learning effect is tenfold by yet another bug)
[3] Dying on the Isle of Ashes without doing the initial quests

If these ground rules are not followed, scores will be uncomparable.

Let's see, how high scores can become if the ground rules are followed.
The following table shows how much fame is involved with the quests in Might & Magic IX.

Quest From Experience pp
Ravensford 0
Training Grandfather 0
Isle of Ashes 9025
Speak with Forad Darre - 1200
Find Yrsa the Troll Forad Darre 200
Dragonflies Yrsa the Troll 1000
Unite the six clans Yrsa the Troll 6625
Destroy Mausoleum Forad Darre 0
Sturmford 41750
Sniff out the spies Bjarni Herjolffsen 200 + 500 = 700
Find my Manuscript Ludwig Van 3000
Letter to Kira Bjarni Thorvaldssen 3000 + 3800 = 6800
Clans: Clear the Imps out of Anskram Keep Bjarni Thorvaldssen 5000
Clans: Break Ivsar Forktooth out of Drangheim Prison Bjarni Thorvaldssen 10500
Gladiator: Kill a basilisk and bring its skin Friedleif Gjukissen ->
Gladiator: Steal Kira's shield Friedleif Gjukissen ->
Gladiator: Go to the Arena in Thjorgard, fight at Lord, and win Friedleif Gjukissen 15750
Drangheim 56625
Find me a job at the circus Nicolai Ironfist 10000
Crusader: Defeat the Yobboes and return the villagers' things Keith Bloodaxe 6125 + 3 x 500 = 7625
Find out who is spreading the gossip Sigmund the Stressed 1250
Clans: Disable all defenses of Anskram Keep Sigmund the Stressed 8000
Clans: Retrieve the Crona Kiga from the Chasm of the Dead Sigmund the Stressed 13000
Find my brother and open his cell Aymril Banito 1000
Assessin: Find Kluso's house, and steal whatever it is he holds valuable enough to guard Atli the Quick ->
Assessin: Kill Guaire A'Velsi in broad daylight Atli the Quick 15750
Guberland 42125
Find a way to rid me of the Dook Markel the Great 10000
Clans: Get the Book of Rules from the Ta'sar Academy Markel the Great 2500
Clans: Go to the Gathering and beat Ivan the Smart Markel the Great 1250 + 6500 = 7750
Healer: Heal Nurtigan Tjolnir the Super-Neat 6125
Priest: Find a young new priest in Lindisfarne Grey Slemnir ->
Priest: Find the Tree of Life in the Ancient Temple in Frosgard Grey Slemnir ->
Priest: Find Nath'l A'Mor to consecrate the ground Grey Slemnir 15750
Lindisfarne 37000
Paladin: Save the life of the Jarl of Thjorgard Grehgknak the Right 1250 + ->
Paladin: You must damn a a family Grehgknak the Right ->
Paladin: Then you must save them Grehgknak the Right 15750 = 17250
Dragon: Get the Saint's Relic from the laboratory in Yorwick Leffery Caid 20000
Thjorgard 58500
Dragon: Pass the Training Hall Snorri the Fist 20000
Dragon: Slay the Dragon Snorri the Fist Super Guber
Clans: Retrieve our artifact from the Lindisfarne Monastery Sven Forkbeard 3000
Clans: Go to the Thjorad mine and find out why they have stopped working Sven Forkbeard 17000
Repair the refinery machine Njal Bjarnissen <-
Cave-in Gudrek the Miner <-
Break through the rock Ketil Strongpick <-
Scholar: Find a Magreeb and study it Tymon the Nord 2750
Mage: Retrieve Verhoffin's diary Johannes Bem 15750
Thronheim 87625
Clans: Get rid of the Honkies Kira the Cold 10000
Clans: Find the Mountain Pass to Thjorgard and reopen it for trade Kira the Cold 30000
Get a Black Orb of Knowledge from the Mad Wizard Robinssen in Yorwick Ealusaid A'Norta a'thrakan 12500
Mercenary: Help Atli Sigmundssen in Guberland to move to Thronheim Thorfinn Skulsplitter 6000
Go into the Temple of Ratatosk and deliver this message Dagvari the Peevish 1250
Find the six Orbs of Linking in the Inventa Storca Brynhildr the Money-wise 5000
Stop the war Thorolf Ratatoskssen 3000
Have Bjarni and Sigmund sign the Peace Treaty Kira the Cold 6625
Win the Dragon Prize at The Thing in Thjorgard, and take it to my daughter Bikki in Thronheim Yrsa the Troll 13250
Frosgard 122125
Ranger: Get the bow Everstrike from the Dook Fenja Treefind
Ranger: Pass the Dungeon of Secrets Fenja Treefind 2500 + 15750 = 18250
Lich: Get the instructions from the Chasm of the Dead Skullkill the Dark ?
Go to the tavern in Guberland and convince them to purchase this brew Brewmaster Smith 1250 + 5000 = 6250
Clans: Enter Yanmir's Sky Fort and slay the Frost Giant Tryygva Ravenlocks 14500
Clans: Break up the ice Tryygva Ravenlocks 10625
Druid: Find the Green Man and gain his approval Menja Ketildotir ->
Druid: Repair the Maypole The Green Man ->
Druid: Make six townsfolk promise that they won't forget the festivals The Green Man ->
Druid: Have the Frosgard leader carve and place a Runestone near the Maypole The Green Man 18000
Stand before Krohn Thorolf Ratatoskssen 54500
Yorwick 77500
Ambush - ? 30000
Get our army back Defeated Jarls 42500
Find my sheep Mary Sheepherder 5000
Arslegard 340750
Get a Writ of Fate from the Wyrdes Handdl 25000 + 40500 = 65500
Retrieve the Capstone of Order from The Gathering in Guberland, take it Verhoffin's Ruins, and place it on the Pedestal Igrid 34500 + 38500 = 73000
Retrieve Gungnir Handdl 1250
Clean out the Bathhouse Jokull the Ugly ? -
Bring back the Golden Honk from the Temple of the Honk Fre 20000
Light the Six Fires of Penance Skraelos 26000
Find those who you have failed. Confess to them your guilt Skraelos 13000
Suffer Skraelos 13000
Slay the soldiers who helped in your betrayal Skraelos 13000
Find the weapons of the fallen Jarls Skraelos 13000
Defeat Tamur Leng's army in Frosgard Sven Forkbeard 103000
Get Njam to follow you into the Tomb of Thousand Terrors. Lead him to the heart of the tomb and imprison him in it Krohn -
Total of all awards 873025

Additional fame comes from killing foes, including any Arena fights, and even from killing friends. Note that while awards give a set amount of fame to each character, experience from a kill is divided among all conscious party members.

There is sufficient prey in the game to reach level 58 before entering the final dungeon. The fastest time, estimated to be 33 days, may not offer enough slack to attain a maximum score. For that, one extra day of killing seems required.