Hidden treasure
Place Description
Ravensford You can actually participate in the Oculus-Sorcerer fight in Ravensford. By staying close to the glass, you can hit those mosters when they come close to the glass. Apparently, part of the body of the Oculus actually protruded through the glass panel so you can hit it. Hitting the sorcerer is more difficult as he usually doesn't come that close to the glass panel. Also, it is possible to get the Oculus out of the cage. During one of my experiments, I was hitting the Oculus on the left side of the cage, and all of a sudden I found the Oculus out of the cage and flying around the room. I kept hitting it but it didn't fight back. It took a few minutes (real time) but eventually it died.
I got no gold from the kill. However, my party all had 1125 experience points before they left the city gate of Ravenford. - tp
Ravensford After you are done talking to Grandfather, go over and click on the wall between the central room and the one with the demonstration of the chests. You will get an item and +2 endurance for one character. You will also get a lot of +0 strength-temporary. - Zylox
Ravensford Go up the jungle gym and read the scroll on combat, then go kill the cows, and you get 240 XP. - kingkongcobra
Guberland City, magic shop The Sea Monster Male in the Aquarium can be killed if you jump on top of it. Outside the water, it is invulnerable.
Thjorgard, Thjorad Mines In the room with Ebora, there is a stalactite which is lit red from perception. If you hit it, it merely falls and lands in the hole on the floor. - TopDog
This gives a variable (bug?) XP bonus from 0 to 28844; 1250 being the most frequent - Jidar
Frosgard The giant tree, where the green man is, gives a permanent bonus when you click on it. - Lord of Light
Frosgard, Ruined Temple Free the Genie from the lamp and you get a nice item.