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Februari 07, 09:57 Frosgard City
Horde Leaders / Warriors / Grunts, Forad Darre

Tamur Leng (Jarl's house)

"We've come to end this, Tamur Leng." 103,000 xp
"Forad had instructions to kill you! How is it that you are still alive?"
"The traitor is finished. You are beaten! What makes you think you will escape?"
"I have been to the place you call Arslegard.
It was there Igrid gave me my Writ of Fate. It told of how I am fated to conquer the world!"
"That cannot be! We are destined to stop you! WE have a Writ of Fate!"
"That is impossible. We must get to the bottom of this!"

Tamur Leng joins party.

Thorolf Ratatoskssen
"Your group and Tamur Leng have been summoned to stand before Krohn."

Februari 07, 10:31 Hall of the Gods

"Who stands before Krohn?"
"As you have summoned us, so we have come." 54,500 xp
"Are you trying to make Hallenhalt burts at the seams?"
"We have a Writ of Fate! It says we're supposed to stop him!"
"And I see he has a Writ of Fate also. Let me see those!"
"Yes sir."
"Hmmm, these are obviously not real. They look like the work of Njam the Meddler.
He is the god of mischief. It is high time he has paid for the problems he has caused.
You are to get Njam to follow you into the Tomb of Thousand Terrors.
Once there, lead him to the heart of the tomb and imprison him in it."

Februari 07, 10:32 Frosgard City

Training Hall
Level 55
Ivanhoe L16 Blade, L18 Armsmaster
Rowena L16 Elemental, L7 Dark, L16 Light
Rebecca L12 Light, L15 Spirit
Robin L20 Bow, L10 Armsmaster

Februari 07, 10:39 Yorwick

Februari 07, 10:40 Lich Lab
Skeletons, Power Lichs
Store Room B: Jars and Elixir Ingredients
Skeleton Masters, Liches, 1 Chest
Skeleton Masters, Liches, 1 Chest
Skeleton Masters, Eyes, Skeleton Masters
Kitchen: Lich, 1 Chest, Instructions on wall
Cookpot makes Elixir Fluids
Burner (4x) makes Elixirs of Defedation
Gound Floor
Skeleton Masters, Dagrells, Oculi, Power Lich
Basement West
Skeleton Masters, Dagrells, Lich King, Ghast, Revenant, Power Liches
Black Chest: Fre's Heart
Large room with many monsters: 1 Clover
Ground Floor
Dagrells, Oculus, Skeleton Masters, Power Liches, Eyes: 1 Clover
Basement East
Dagrells, Specters, Skeleton Masters, Power Lich, Oculi
2 Chests: Divine Intervention (Rebecca)
Burner Room

(Lich Chamber: nothing happens)

Februari 07, 14:44 Frosgard City

Training Hall
Level 58
Ivanhoe L6 Bow, L19 Armsmaster
Rowena L6 Thrown, L17 Elemental
Rebecca L9 Bow, L13 Light
Robin L5 Blade, L21 Bow, L11 Armsmaster

Februari 07, 14:50 Arslegard City
Njam's house
Scroll: the Struggle of Njam

Njam locks on

Februari 07, 15:06 Tomb of Thousand Terrors
Desert Terror, Eyes, Orbus, Oculus
Middle part of largest slab sinks after a few minutes
Button (west side) opens secret room
Lesser Demon, Oculi, Eye
Black Chest: Fre's Gloves, 1 Chest
Rooms East: 2 Chests
Terrors, Eyes
NJAM doors: 1 Chest, 1 Black Chest: Soul Band Room SW: Njam appears
Lesser Deamons: Potions of Pure Endurance (Rowena), Pure Luck (Rowena)
3 Black Chests: Tillhygge, The Green Man, Scrap of Paper: "JNAN / NAMU / AMJM / MJNA", Stairs Key
Puzzle Door (real-time!!)
2 Side Rooms: Njam appears
2 Chests: Potion of Pure Luck (Rebecca)
Februari 07, 16:59 Stairs
Eyes, Lesser Demons: Pure Luck (Robin)
2 Black Chests: Maze Key, Sturkabygel

Njam appears
Februari 07, 18:36 Maze
Oculi, Orbi, Black Chest: Fre's Smooth Mace
Februari 07, 19:35 Elevator
Oculus: Potion of Pure Magic (Rowena)
Njam: :"I will never allow you to pull the lever!
You will not encase me in the Frost Shell!"
Chessboard: Lesser / Greater Deamons: Potions of Pure Luck (Ivanhoe), Pure Might (Rowena), 1 Clover
Februari 07, 20:23 Touched the Lion