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Februari 1, 15:34 Sturmford City

Bjarni Thorvaldssen (Jarls' house)
We have come with a response from Kira the Cold.
She called you a great warrior. You just ain't her type." $2,000 / 3,800 xp

Rowena Expert Thrown
Rebecca Expert Bow
Robin Master Bow
Rowena, Rebecca Expert Cudgel

Hatlati Oord
"We're going to have to arrest you."

Rebecca Expert Shield
Rowena, Rebecca Expert Armor

Guard (Town Hall)
"We have a criminal here."

Rowena, Rebecca Expert Armsmaster
Robin Master Armsmaster

Yoltzin Oord (Oord's house)
"where's pappa?"
"Your pappa is in jail for stealing."
"We'll find a way for you to take care for yourselves."

Itlor Oord (Oord's house)
"My father is a great man."
"Why don't you get a job? Maybe we can help you."

Injor Gostat (Magic Shop)
"Are you looking for any help? Itlor Oord is looking for work."
"Send him over. I would be happy to help him out."

Itlor Oord (Oord's house)
"We've found you a job at the Magic Shop."

Februari 1, 16:16 Frosgard City

Februari 1, 16:22 Frosgard
Wolves, Yeti's
Gezzampts, Gezzampt Elders
Cookpot: +15 Temporary Physical Resistance (chance of disease)
Set Beacon #5

The Green Man
"We think the Frosgardians are eager for your return."
"First, if I am to return, the Maypole needs to be repaired.
I also need promises from six townsfolk that they won't forget the festivals.
Finally, the Frosgard leader has to carve and place a Runestone near the Maypole."

Februari 1, 17:18 Frosgard City

Tryygva Ravenlocks (Town Hall)
"The Green Man asked us to fix the maypole."
"You should talk to Soxolf Tryygfassen."
"The Green Man asked you to carve a promise on a runestone."

Received 2 promises from citizens (one refused)

Soxolf Tryygvassen
"We'de like you to fix the maypole."
"I'd be happy to! I'll have to charge you 500 gold for materials."

Training Hall
Level 29
Ivanhoe L9 Armsmaster
Rowena L7 Meditation
Rebecca L6 Bow
Robin L7 Bodybuilding

Received 4 more promises from citizens (another refused)
Rebecca Expert Bodybuilding

Februari 1, 17:52 Frosgard

The Green Man
"We've completed your tasks." $5,000 / 18,000 xp
"I have a gift for you."
Amulet The Green Man

Februari 1, 17:53 Guberland City

Robin Expert Spirit
Robin learns Enrage
Robin Expert Meditation
Rowena Master Meditation
Robin Expert Elemental
Robin learns Arms of Earth, Elemental Aura, Fleet Foot, Town Portal

Aklai Dorka (Tavern)
"We have some beer we'd like to sell. It's a special brew from Frosgard."
"I would be happy to purchase it from you. Say 500 gold?" $500 / 1,250 xp

Februari 1, 18:16 Frosgard City
Bought 1 clover (Robin)

Brewmaster Smith (Tavern)
"We sold the beer." 5,000 xp
"That's great news! How much did you get for it?"
"500 gold."
"Tell you what, why don't you keep that. I'm sure they'll want to order more."

Training Hall
Level 30
Ivanhoe L10 Armsmaster
Rowena L8 Light
Rebecca L7 Bow
Robin L6 Dodge

Februari 1, 18:30 Sturmford City
Rebecca Master Bow

Februari 1, 18:35 Thjorgard City
Set Beacon #5 at Armor Shop
Robin Grandmaster Bow

Februari 1, 19:00 Thjorgard

Februari 1, 19:23 Training Hall (rooftop)
Wheel drops
Ghouls, Lizard-Orcs
Black Chest in crate: Blackpowder
Barrel: Rebecca +2 Endurance

Wooden Horse crashes wall: unmapped area
Ghouls, 2 Chests
Target Range $15,000
Warrior Lizard Orcs

Februari 1, 20:20 Thjorgard

Februari 1, 20:41 Thjorad Mine
Set Beacon #4

Njal Bjarnissen
"Have you come to fix the machine?"
"Sven Forkbeard sent us to find out why you've stopped working."
"The refinery machine is broken!
The last time the machine was fixed by Hjarrand Fixer, but he's long since retired."
"Where can we find Hjarrand Fixer?"
"He's got a small appartment inside Thjorgard City."

Gudrek the Miner
"Sven Svensson sent us to inspect the mines. He wants to know why you're not working."
"If we dig any more, there's likely to be a cave-in. Follow me."

Troglodytes, Troglodyte Gnolls / Wrens
Set Beacon #4

Februari 1, 21:21 Thjorgard City

Hjarrand Fixer
"One of the machines in the Refinery is broken.
They say you're the only one who could fix it."
"Is there money involved?"
"We'll pay you 1,000 gold."

Februari 1, 21:29 Thjorad Mine
2 Barrels: Rowena +2 Endurance, Robin +2 Accuracy
Removed nails from door

Hjarrand Fixer
"Is the machine fixed yet?"
"Fixing it's your job. That mark I made where it is broken. Get to work!"

Broken Slag Extractor

Februari 1, 22:02 Thjorgard City

Gunnar Thjorsmith (Armor Shop)
"We need a replacement Slag Extractor."
"Why don't I trade that broken one you have for a fresh clean one?"

Februari 1, 22:05 Thjorad Mine
Removed nails from door
Barrel: Rebecca +2 Might
Opened huge door

Placed Slag Extractor

Njal Bjarnissen
"We've fixed the Slag Extractor."

Gudrek the Miner
"We've found your cave-in."

Ketil Strongpick
"Sven Forkbeard sent us to find out why you are not working."
"We started a new vein a while back, and we've reached a section of rock that's too strong for our picks."
"I don't think he'll accept that answer."
"Maybe you can try to break through."

Barrel: Rebecca +2 Luck
Freed Ebora and here kittens
Barrels: Rebecca +2 Endurance, Rebecca +2 Might
Troglodytes: Phantom Fighter (Robin), Meteor Shower (Rowena)
Shooting Cart, crashes through boards
Shot lamp
2 Chests: lots of Elemental Thjorad

Ketil Strongpick
"We cleared out your rock."