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Februari 1, 09:39 Frosgard
Black Wolf, Red Wolf: Scroll of Divine Intervention

Februari 1, 09:48 Ruined Temple
Jumped through glass
Genie (lamp): Fre's Smooth Mace
Skeleton Master / Warrior
Elevator: west=star, east=diamond (match the symbols on the pillar)
Button on door opens coffin
Shooting at floors
Barrel: Rowena +2 Luck

Button, Tree of Life
Skeleton / Master / Warrior
Barrel: Ivanhoe +2 Speed
3 Chests
Skeletons, Dagrells

Februari 1, 11:00 Frosgard

Februari 1, 11:29 Frosgard City

Fenja Treefind
"We've heard you can promote Crusaders to Rangers"
"There is a bow known as Everstrike. It is the greatest bow ever made.
Someone named the Dook had been looking for it also.
You must go from one end of the Dungeon of Secrets to the other, If you survive, you pass."

Nath'i A'Mor
"We're looking for a priest. We need to learn the Ritual of Consecration."
"Let me write it down."

Magic Shop
Cleansed Town Portal Altar
Bought Lloyd's Beacon scroll
Sold stuff at 42%
Used LB scroll

Februari 1, 11:44 Guberland

Alti Sigmundssen
"We've come to guard your boat."
"Show up at the dock at 3am and relieve the late guard.
I'll come and relieve you myself around 6 am."

Februari 1, 11:44 Guberland City

Markel the Great
"We've got the Book of Rules." $3,000 / 2,500 xp
"Now that we've done these things for you, will you join us?"
"Markel the Great would be happy to lead your armies."
"The leader has yet to be decided."

Grey Slemnir (Temple)
"We've completed all your tasks." $5,000 / 15,750 xp
Rebecca Priest

Rebecca Master Elemental
Rebecca learns Chain Lightning, Column of Fire, Lloyd's Beacon, Wrath of the Bugs
Rebecca Expert Dark
Rebecca learns Disease, Eye of Leggib, Fear, Pain Reflection, Paralyze, Poison Cloud, Wound
Rebecca Master Spirit
Rebecca learns Natural Armor, Power Draw, Shared Life
Rebecca Master Light
Rebecca learns Regeneration, Resurrection

Februari 1, 12:20 Drangheim City

Sigmund the Stressed (Town Hall)
"We've got the Crona Kiga."
"Noone will dispute my claim to the Jarlship now!"
"Now that we've done both tasks for you, will you join us?"
"Of course I do. When is the war council?"
"We have much to do, yet. We'll let you know." $10,000 / 13,000 xp

Nicolai Ironfist
"We've found you a job at the Gathering in Guberland."

Februari 1, 12:31 Drangheim
1 Chest
Key opens house, hole in floor
Verhoffin's Book, Eye of the Storm (-)

Februari 1, 12:44 Thjorgard City
Rebecca Expert Item Repair

Johannes Bem (Bembridge University)
"About that book you were looking for. We found a gold one."
"This is it! This is the book!"
$5,000 / 15,750 xp
Rowena Mage

Februari 1, 13:06 Guberland City
Rowena Expert Spirit
Rowena learns Arms of Earth, Enrage, Eye of Leggib, Phantom Fighter, Spell Reaver, Wound
Rowena Master Light
Rowena learns Regeneration, Resurrection
Rowena Master Elemental
Rowena learns Chain Lightning, Column of Fire, Wrath of the Bugs

Februari 1, 13:17 Frosgard City
Apothecary: Bought 1 Clover (Rowena)

Menja Ketildotir
"Our Healers are looking for promotion."
"Not all Healers are worthy of becoming Druids.
If you can find the Green Man and gain his approval, you will not need me to promote you."
"How do we find the Green Man?"
"There is a tracker around Frosgard City who might be able to help you."

Mage: Bought Lloyd's Beacon (Rowena), Poison Cloud (Rowena)

Training Hall
Level 27
Ivanhoe L7 Armor
Rowena L4 Armsmaster
Rebecca L4 Shield, L3 Bodybuilding
Robin L10 Bow, L5 Bodybuilding

Februari 1, 13:30 Lindisfarne
Rowena Grandmaster Elemental
Rowena learns Eye of the Storm

Februari 1, 13:34 Frosgard City
Apothecary: Bought 1 Clover (Rebecca)

Skullkill the Dark
"In a place known as Chasm of the Dead lies a parchment that contains the instructions of how to become a Lich.
Here, I have the first half of the document."

Well +5 Permanent Might

Brewmaster Smith (Tavern)
"My apprentences have created a new brew that doesn't seem to be popular here.
I want you to go to the tavern in Guberland and convince them to purchase this brew."

Tryygva Ravenlocks (Town Hall)
"Without your help, the Chedian will perish!"
"We are already perishing here."
"Perhaps we could help?"
"Find a way into Yanmir's Sky Fort and slay the Frost Giant.
I'm sure there is a way you could trick him into killing himself.
Find a way to break up the ice, so the boats could travel again."
Set Beacon #4

Robin Expert Disarm Trap

Bodvar Ervissen
"I make sunflowers! They're barrels of magical powder that explode when you shoot them!"
"Say, you wouldn't mind making a delivery would you? On the ice just outside the dock."
"If you're planning a special show, the sunflowers shine the brightest at night."

Shot barrel of sunflowers

Broke the ice

Tryygva Ravenlocks (Town Hall)
"The ice has been cleared from the docks." $ 3,000 / 10,625 xp

Training Hall
Level 28
Ivanhoe L8 Armsmaster
Rowena L4 Armsmaster
Rebecca L5 Bow, L4 Bodybuilding
Robin L6 Bodybuilding

Februari 1, 14:29 Frosgard

Fland de Allasan A'Lanth a'ryshar
"We need your help. We've been charged with finding the Green Man."
"Ah, and you need a tracker. Very well, I think I can help you.
Follow the path you had been going, always go left, and don't enter the tunnel."


Februari 1, 14:43 Dungeon of Secrets

Chadwick Boorsley
"The Dungeon of Secrets is divided into 9 sections, each starts with a lever, and ends with a door.
You must throw the lever, and make it to the door without setting of any traps, and before the time expires."

Passed all the tests

Chadwick Boorsley
"We'd like our reward." 2,500 xp

Februari 1, 15:27 Frosgard City

Fenja Tree-friend
"We've completed the Rangers trial." $5,000 / 15,750 xp
"I hereby promote you to Rangers."