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January 22, 19:00 Thjorgard

January 22, 19:13 Thjorgard City

Snorri the Fist (Tavern)
"If you complete a task for me, I shall tell you how to slay a dragon.
Pass the Training Hall."

Sold items at 53,3% (Black Market)

Trainer (Black Market)
Level 24
Ivanhoe L10 Blade
Rowena L10 Elemental
Rebecca L7 Light
Robin L8 Bow

Florie de Latharna A'Washadi
"We no longer need your services."

Randver Headcrusher
"I'm an out-of-wrok Gladiator. Maybe you've got a job for me?
I charge 700 gold per month plus 10% of the gold we find."
"Congratulations! You're hired!"

Well +5 Permanent Endurance
Robin Expert Bodybuilding
Robin Expert Disarm Trap
Rowena Expert Identify Item
2 Clovers (Rowena, Rebecca)

Sven Forkbeard (Castle)
"We have found a disturbing letter that you need to read."
"I will send my stand-in to the Arena in my place.
I will arrange to have you as the competitors.
Do what you can to stop them, but do not kill them."
"We've come to speak with you about Tanur Leng.
We are trying to unite the Six Clans of the Chedian."
"Only after you do two things for me.
"There is an artifact that has been in the hands of the Lindisfarne Monastery that belongs to us.
I want you to return it.
Second, I would like you to go to the Thjorad mine and find out why they have stopped working."

Cleansed Town Portal Altar

Ivanhoe Expert Merchant

Tymon the Nord (Bembridge University)
"We are seeking promotion to Scholar."
"There is a rare creature in this region known as the Magreeb.
You must find one and study it."

"Rowena is interested in promotion to Scholar."

January 22, 20:32 The Arena
Volunteered to fight at Lord level

Byri the Scarred
"We're not going to allow you to murder Sven."
"What? How could you know about that?"
"This letter."
"You'll have to kill me first!"
"I'm sure we could come to an arrangement. Who put you up to this?"
"Harris Willington."
"Sven is going to find out about this. We suggest leaving town."

January 22, 20:44 Thjorgard City

Harris Willington (General Store)
"Seen this letter before? Unfortunately, Sven survived."
"You stopped it? You pigs! He's going to tax us all into oblivion!"
"Not you. You're going to jail."

January 22, 21:01 Thjorgard
Bandits: Dodge (Chani)
1 Chest
Astral Ickies
Studied Magreeb
Magreeb Spawn
Cauldron +5 permanent Elemental Resistance

1 Chest

January 22, 22:19 Thjorgard City

Sven Forkbeard (Castle)
"Harris Willington is the accountant at the General Store."
"I owe you my life." $10,000 / 1,250 xp

Tymon the Nord (Bembridge University)
"We studied the Magreeb."
"What color was this creature?"
"Green." $1,000 / 2,750 xp
Rowena Scholar
Rowena learns Bodybuilding, Armsmaster, Thrown

Johannes Bem (Bembridge University)
"We wish to become Mages."
"Inside the ruins of Verhoffin's Tower is his diary. Retrieve this for us."
"Alia is interested in promotion to Mage.
About that book you were looking for. We found a silver one."
"We better get to work on this right away!"
"So did that book work for you?"
"No! This is the wrong book! But it does say that the right one is locked somewhere in Drangheim Village.
Take this key. The book says something about being underneath a floor."

January 22, 22:54 Thjorgard
Night ferry

January 24, 07:04 Thronheim

Januari 24, 07:09 Tronheim City
Well +5 Permanent Might
Rowena Expert Meditation

Temple of Ratatosk
Cleansed Town Portal Altar

Kira the Cold
"We've been sent by Bjarni Thjorvaldssen. He gave us this letter to give to you." 3,000 xp
"If you break his heart abruptly, that could start a war. Tell him whatever you want, just be careful."
"There is an army marching to Tronheim as we speak."
"Perhaps you'd like to lend your swords to the battle?"
"Yrsa sent us to unite the Six Clans against them."
"Who's going to lead that army?"
"We will."
"You'd have to prove your worth, first.
Lately the Honkies have been getting more forceful in their attempts to convert people. I want you to get rid of them.
Just don't kill them.
Second, I want you to find the Mountain Pass to Thjorgard and reopen it for trade."

Januari 24, 07:42 Tronheim

Moenach A'Tryht (Dock)
"We'd like to ask you a favor. We need to send some people away."
"And might these people worship a certain temple devoted to geese?"
"And where would you like to send these "passengers?""
"Send all the Honkies over to the docks. I'll take care of the rest."

Januari 24, 07:43 Tronheim City
Desert Terror
Barrel: Robin +2 Speed
1 Clover (Robin)

Ealusaid A'Norta a'thrakan
"Hello! Did you need some healing?"
"I'm afraid I can't do that right now. My mentor passed on before I could complete my training."
"What can we do to help"?
"Get a Black Orb of Knowledge. I think the Mad Wizard Robinssen in Yorwick has one."

Thorfinn Skulsplitter (Tavern)
"I can promote any worthy fighters you have to Mercenaries."
"Help Atli Sigmundssen in Guberland to move to Thronheim. He'll tell you what to do."

Dagvari the Peevish (Tavern)
"Have you heard of the Temple of Honk? I've been asked by them to deliver a message to the Temple of Ratatosk.
I will pay you to go into the Temple of Ratatosk and deliver this message to them."

Brynhildr the Money-wise (Bank)
"You look like you would be handy!"
"What can we help you with?"
"I need someone to find the six devices known as the Orbs of Linking in the Inventa Storca."
"Just remember that you have to install them in all the banks, also!"

Sent 3 Honkies to the docks
1 Clover (Ivanhoe)
Rowena Expert Dark

Trainer (Black Market)
Level 25
Ivanhoe L6 Armor
Rowena L4 Thrown
Rebecca L4 Armsmaster
Robin L9 Bow

Erlend the Nay-sayer (Temple of Ratatosk)
"We've come to deliver this message."

Kira the Cold
"The Honkies have left." $ 7,000 / 10,000 xp

Dagvari the Peevish (Tavern)
"We've delivered the message." $ 5,000 / 1,250 xp

Januari 24, 09:09 Tronheim
Basilisks, King Basilisk