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Januari 18, 19:00 Lindisfarne

Magic Store
Bought Iron Ring of Health

Tower: Orb +10 Temporary Endurance

General Store
Bought Puzzle Ring of Health

Clover (Robin)

Alberik Gusmundssen
"We no longer need your help."

Florie de Latharna A'Washadi (house across bridge)
"Do you need healing?"
"Yes please."
"For 2000 gold to start, 1000 gold a month plus 20% of all the gold we find I will heal your party's injuries and conditions once per day!"
"Alright, you're hired."

Clover (Ivanhoe)
Well +5 Permanent Dark Resistance
Thrall Masters
Cookpot: +10 Temporary Elemental Resistance (chance of disease)
Thrall Masters
1 Chest

Januari 18, 20:35 Ta'Sar Academy

Guards, Half-Orc Captains, Guard Captain
Barrels: Robin +2 Might, Ivanhoe +2 Accuracy
Dagrell breaks out of crate
2 Chests
2 Chests in secret compartment
Scroll: "If you wish to see the Book of War Rules, put these books back where they belong."
Bookswitch in rotating bookshelf
Book of War Rules

Januari 18, 21:41 Lindisfarne
Magreebs, Armored Magreebs: Phantom Fighter (-)
Thrall Masters
Cauldron: +10 Temporary Elemental Resistance

Januari 18, 23:20 Monastery

Leffery Caid (Abbot)
"You aren't from around here are you? Would you be willing to do a task for me?"
"Actually we're looking for a priest to take to Guberland."
"Robert Aefgil is not taking well to monastic life. I believe he'll be returning from his penance tonight."
"Sounds great!"
"Come back tomorrow morning."

Januari 18, 23:40 Lindisfarne
Evil Sorcerers /Apprentices: Wand of Chain Lightning
Cookpot: +5 Permanent Spirit Resistance

Januari 19, 00:53 Dragon Cave

Bones: 3 Scrolls of Lloyd's Beacon
2 Black Chests: Walking Boots, Kraftige Bage

Januari 19, 01:32 Lindisfarne
Set Beacon #3 in town

Januari 19, 03:27 Monastery

Januari 19, 05:00 Leffery Caid (Abbot)
"We've returned for the priest."
"He is ready and waiting in the yard."

Robert Aefgil
"I was told you would be taking me to my new congregation?
Where exactly is it that I am to be going?"
"To Guberland."
"I know the way. I will see you there."

Grehgknak the Right
"Do you have any interesting tasks for a party of adventurers?"
"For those Crusaders who wish to become Paladins, they must face the trial of the three crusades.
The first task is to save the life of the Jarl of Thjorgard.
"How are we going to do that?"
"Take this letter.
The other crusades are that you must damn a a family, and then you must save them."
"What family do I have to ruin?"
"Consult with the Clerks in the Town Halls of Chedian."

Januari 19, 05:12 Verhoffin Ruins
Skeleton Master / Warrior
2 Terrors, Study Key, 4 Zombies
3 Terrors: Wand of Chain Lightning
Dread, Scrap of Diary: "Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange"
4 Frights, 1 Chest in water
3 Zombies
Pentagram, 3 Frights
Black Chest: Swordsbane

Januari 19, 08:05 Isle of Ashes
10 Jellyspores
Sea Monster Male: Scroll of Resurrection

Januari 19, 10:54 Guberland
Noon Ferry