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Januari 15, 07:52 Guberland

Januari 15, 08:12 Guberland City
Rowena, Rebecca Expert Elemental
Rowena learns Elemental Aura, Fleet Foot, Magic Mine, Town Portal
Rebecca learns Elemental Aura, Fleet Foot, Town Portal
Rowena, Rebecca Expert Light
Rowena learns Elemental Blast, Faith, Haste, Purify, Resist Death
Rebecca learns Elemental Blast, Faith, Haste, Purify, Resist Death
Well +5 Permanent Speed

Markel the Great (Town Hall)
"Is there anything we could do for you?"
"Markel the Great would reward you greatly if you would find a way to rid me of the Dook."
"We need to unite the clans against Tamur Leng."
"I shall be of aid to you, however there are two things you must do for me.
First, if we are to do battle with Tamur Leng, we need the Book of Rules.
It is kept in the Ta'sar Academy in Lindisfarne.
Second, go to the Gathering and beat Ivan the Smart in a contest."

Tjolnir the Super-Neat (Temple)
"We are seeking promotion from Initiate to Healer."
"We have a man by the name of Nurtigan in our Idiot's Box. We need his strength to protect the town."
"What do you want us to do?"
"Speak to Skarphedinn Njallsen in the Apothecary."
"Rebecca is interested in promotion to healer."

Beagan A'Ghrie
"We no longer need your services."

Alberik Gusmundssen (near Weapons Shop)
"What are you doing here?"
"I'm a Merchant."
"What do you charge?"
"My fee is $500 a month plus 2% of all the gold we find."
"Sounds good. You're hired."

Weapons Shop: Sold at 46,55%
1 Clover SW (Rowena)

Training Hall
Level 19
Ivanhoe L7 Armsmaster, L6 Bodybuilding
Rowena L4 Armor, L6 Light, L4 Identify Item
Rebecca L4 Armor, L7 Spirit
Robin L4 Elemental, L6 Armsmaster, L4 Meditation

1 Clover SE (Rebecca)

Skarphedinn Njalssen (Apothecary)
Bought Belt of Bartering (+3 Merchant)
Sold at 45%
"We've come to speak to you about Nutty Nurtigan.
We need a way to cure him."
"I need a lock of the Old Hag's head.
If you can bring me that, I'll give you the potion for free."

House (SE)
Cleansed Town Portal Altar.

It's being used as a common table!

Januari 15, 09:24 Guberland

Took the Old Hag's hairbrush from her cave at the beach.

Januari 15, 09:37 Guberland City

Skarphedinn Njalssen (Apothecary)
"We've got a lock from the hag's hair."
"Come back in two hours, and I'll have the potion for you."

At this point it is wise to save & reload to avoid a major bug. This allows you to get the potion immediately. Get it. If you don't, chances are that the entire healing quest has been cancelled and you'll have to start this quest all over again.
We gave ourselves a penalty of 25 minutes for doing this.

Skarphedinn Njalssen (Apothecary)
"We've returned for the potion."
"Yes, here it is. Just go use it on Nutty Nurtigan, and he should be as good as new!"

Nutty Nurtigan (Idiot's Box)
"Here, drink this."

Tjolnir the Super-Neat (Temple)
"We've healed Nurtigan."
"I hereby promote you to Healers. Congratulations!" $1,000 / 6,125 xp
Rebecca Healer
Rebecca learns Armsmaster, Bodybuilding, Shield

Grey Slemnir (Temple)
"We are seeking promotion."
"I can promote any worthy Healers in your party to Priests.
There are three things that need to be done before we can begin construction of our new temple.
You must find a young new priest, perhaps even in Lindisfarne.
Find the Tree of Life in the ancient temple in Frosgard.
You must find Nath'l A'Mor. he is probably the only priest who remembers how to consecrate the ground."

"Rebecca is interested in promotion to Priest."

Rebecca Expert Meditation
Rebecca Expert Spirit
Rebecca learns Arms of Earth, Enrage, Phantom Fighter, Spell Reaver

Magic Shop
Bought Poison Cloud (-)
Crouch-jumped on aquarium
Sea Monster Male

Januari 15, 10:56 Guberland
Dragonflies, Bandits: Feather Fall (Robin)

Januari 15, 11:27 Temple of the Honk
2 Honks and a Goose: Eagle Eye Sabation, Thjoradic Plate
2 Chests in secret compartment: Scroll of Beacons, Regal Belt of the Punjarb, Thjoradic Arbalest of Vital Force

Januari 15, 11:53 Guberland
Dragonflies, Bandits: Magic Mine (Rebecca)
Orb +10 temporary Magic Resistance at Dook's Castle

Januari 15, 12:53 Dook's Castle
1 Barrel: Ivanhoe +2 Accuracy

The Dook
"We've been sent by Markel the Great. He wants you to leave."
"Well I ain't gonna."
"Well there's always the sword."
"You would use force against me?"
"Pleased on't hurt me!"
"Then leave. Make it quick."
"Okay, I will! I promise."

1 Chest behind throne

Januari 15, 13:14 Guberland
Set Beacon #2 at Atli Sigmundssen

Thorir Mouth (Gathering)
"I happen to have here this wonderful Capstone of Order in my possession.
If you can give me the entire set of prizes, I will trade you for them."
"You're not looking for any help, are you?"
"Well, I'm looking for someone to star in the new trapeze act I'm starting."
"We may have just the person."

A job for Nicolai! Tell him the good news sometime soon."

Ivan the Smart (Gathering)
"I am the smartest man ever."
"Is that so? would you like a contest?"
"To the death?"
"If you wish."
"What two nations are most often at war with each other?"
"Sturmford and Drangheim."
"Who cause the Great Cataclysm?"
"Where do dead warriors go?"
"who was the first Ursanian Emperor?"
"What is Elemental Thjorad used for?"
"Making Magic Items."
"How did Emperor Trislan die?"
"He was murdered by his personal guards."
"Who is the smartest man ever?"
"Ivan the Smart."
"I will concede defeat to you!" 1,250 xp
"As a token of good faith, we will let you live."

If Ivan wasn't the smartest man ever, you could not beat him!

Won a full set of six different prizes

Januari 15, 13:59 Guberland City

Markel the Great (Town Hall)
"We've beaten Ivan the Smart. He gave us this letter to prove it." $3,000 / 6,500 xp
"The Dook is finished." $3,000 / 10,000 xp

Training Grounds
Level 21
Ivanhoe L8 Blade, L7 Bodybuilding
Rowena L8 Elemental, L7 Light
Rebecca L6 Elemental, L5 Light
Robin L7 Armsmaster, L5 Bow

Januari 15, 14:28 Guberland

Januari 15, 15:03 Dook's Castle
6 Half Orc Captains
1 Chest: Wand of Poison Cloud, Scroll of Divine Intervention, Natural Armor (-)
2 Captains, 4 Sleeping Soldiers
2 Captains
1 Captain, 2 Chest
4 Captains, Dook
2 Captains, 1 Chest
Shield opens cave entrance

2 Trellborgs, Kin Trellborg, Ancient Trellborg
5 Basilisks, 2 King Basilisks: Dark Grasp (-), Resurrection (-)
2 Kin Trellborgs
2 Ancient Trellborgs, 1 Kin Trellborg, 2 Trellborgs: 2 Thjoradic Arbalests

Januari 15, 17:36 Guberland City

Training Grounds
Level 22
Ivanhoe -
Rowena -
Rebecca L7 Elemental
Robin L6 Bow

Januari 15, 18:03 Guberland

Januari 15, 18:37 Dook's Castle
2 Winged Oddities
2 Winged Mutants
2 Winged Aberrations
Black Chest: Everstrike
Black Chest in water west of north exit: Broderick's Amulet

Januari 16, 08:03 Guberland City
Healed 3 characters from dead at Temple

Januari 15, 20:35 Guberland
3 Nettle Spores, 1 Jelly Spore

Do not kill the guard at the dock, you will need him later!

Januari 15, 21:53 Guberland City
3 Town Guards
Rested at Tavern

Januari 16, 06:22 Guberland
Dock: noon ferry