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Januari 13, 19:00 Sturmford

Januari 13, 20:00 At Anskram Keep
Opened trapdoor on rooftop and went below
Raised the portcullis (switch beneath the chain)
Lowered the drawbridge (shot its chains)

Januari 13, 21:05 Sturmford City

Ivsar Forktooth (Tavern)
"Come on, general!"

Marsaili A'Lanth
"We understand you've been spreading gossip to Drangheim."
"What would you know about that? I have done nothing wrong."
"We've come to ask you to stop. Perhaps we will tell the Jarl."
"Bjarni? Go ahead. He'll give me a reward."
"Not Bjarni. Sigmund."
"The Jarl of Drangheim? Uh - what can he do? Go ahead."
"Alright. Should have kept your mouth shut."

Bjarni Thorvaldssen
"We've rescued Ivsar." $3,500 / 10,500 xp
"We've done as you've asked. Will you join the coalition?"
"Yes! Yes of course. When shall we have the war council?"
"We have much work to do, yet."
"Then I shall await your summons. Farewell."

Training Grounds
Level 12
Ivanhoe L5 Blade, L4 Merchant
Rowena L4 Cudgel, L4 Meditation
Rebecca L4 Cudgel, L4 Bow
Robin L4 Bodybuilding

Januari 13, 22:09 Sturmford

Januari 13, 23:00 Docks
Fast night ferry

Januari 14, 07:00 Drangheim

Januari 14, 07:08 Drangheim City

Sigmund the Stressed (Town Hall)
"We've found out who's been spreading the gossip."
"I shall take care of it." $5,000 / 1,250 xp
"We've disabled Anskram Keep's defenses."
"Oh, are those Sturmfordians going to pay now!" $7,000 / 8,000 xp

Training Hall
Level 13
Ivanhoe L6 Blade
Rowena L5 Elemental
Rebecca L5 Spirit
Robin L2 Spirit, L4 Disarm Trap

Used Fleet Foot scroll

Januari 14, 07:38 Drangheim

Januari 14, 07:55 Chasm of the Dead
Januari 14, 08:20 Chasm proper
Drippers, Zombies: Lloyd's Beacon (-), Item Repair (Rebecca), Wand of Poison Cloud, Chain Lightning (-)
Small Castle
Skeleton Masters / Warriors
Mummies: Wand of Elemental Blast, Resist Death (-), Wrath of the Bugs (-)
2 Chests
Skeleton Masters / Warriors
1 Chest
7 Apparitions: Shared Life (-), Souldrinker (-), Eye of Leggie, Elemental Blast
Used Fleet Foot scroll

Januari 14, 13:18 Drangheim

Januari 14, 13:35 Drangheim City

Training Hall
Level 15
Ivanhoe L7 Blade, L5 Armsmaster
Rowena L7 Elemental
Rebecca L4 Item Repair, L4 Meditation
Robin L4 Spirit, L3 Meditation

Januari 14, 14:09 Drangheim

Januari 14, 14:30 Chasm of the Dead
Januari 14, 15:10 High Castle
Mummies: Wand of Poison Cloud, Scroll of Resurrection
2 Chests: Column of Fire (-), Arms of Earth (-)
Skeleton Masters / Warriors
1 Chest: Merchant (Rebecca)
Mummies: Eye of Leggie, Haste, Paralyze, 2 Scrolls of Resurrection
Skeleton Masters / Warriors
1 Chest: Torchlight (Robin)
1 Chest: Disease (-), Phantom Fighter (-)
Lich Instructions
Zombies, Drippers
Januari 14, 17:45 Main Castle
Skeleton Masters / Warriors
2 Chests
Skeleton Masters / Warriors
2 Chests: Wand of Chain Lightning
Skeleton Masters / Warriors
1 Chest: Clover (-)
Mummies: Spell Reaver (-), Resurrection (-), Wound (-), Souldrinker (-)
2 Chests

Crona Kiga
Skeleton Masters / Skeletons: Merchant (Rowena)
Black Chest: Integris
Used 3 Scrolls of Resurrection

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Used Divine Intervention scroll
Zombies, Dripper: Divine Intervention (-), Wand of Poison Cloud, Regeneration (-), Scroll of Fleet Foot
Used Scroll of Fleet Foot

Januari 14, 23:27 Drangheim
Night Ferry