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Januari 12, 19:00 Drangheim

Januari 12, 19:09 Drangheim City

Empty house
2 Barrels: Ivanhoe +2 Speed, Robin +2 Luck
1 Clover (Rowena)
1 Barrel: Robin +2 Endurance

1 Clover (Rebecca) behind SE building

Nicolai Ironfist
"Who are you?"
"I am king of Enroth"
"What do you know about duty?"
"I bet you could find me a job at the circus!"

Well +10 temporary Physical Resistance

Beagan A'Ghrie (Tavern)
"Better clear off before trouble finds you."
"I'd say it's already found you.
Tell us, what is your occupation?"
"One might call me an Assessin."
"What do you charge?"
"1000 gold per month plus 5% of all the gold we find."
"You're hired."

Keith Bloodaxe (Temple)
"Some of us would like to become Crusaders."
"Go to the Yobboe Camp, defeat the bandits, and return the villagers' things to them."
Robin is interested in promotion to Crusader."

Sigmund the Stressed (Jarl's House)
"Do you have any news?"
"I'm worried about the rumors.
Go find Greudach A'Dorad. Ask her where she got the rumor from, and keep asking until you find the source!"
"We have come to seek your aid. The Beldonian hordes are marching to Chedian."
"Perhaps if you would help me with Sturmford, I would be able to help you.
Go to Anskram Keep and disable all of its defenses."
"What else do you need done?"
"I would like you to visit Chasm of the Dead and retrieve the Crona Kiga.
Stick close to the walls if you value your life."
Cleansed Town Portal Altar

Januari 12, 19:57 Kluso's House
Sleeping Guard Captains
Two more from the stairs (bodies don't disappear, so don't loot!)
Two awake guards
Black Chest: Black's Heart

Januari 12, 21:47 Drangheim City
3 dead characters healed at Temple

Greudach A'Dorad
"Have you heard the news?"
"What about Sturmford?"
"I heard they are going to invade soon."
"We'd like to talk to you about your 'news'."
"Marsaili A'Lanth in Sturmford has been telling me all the news."

It looks like there are two reasons to return to Sturmford soon ...

Training Hall
Level 8
Ivanhoe L4 Armor
Rowena L4 Elemental, L2 Meditation
Rebecca L4 Light, L2 Meditation
Robin L4 Shield

Ivanhoe Expert Armor
Robin Expert Shield

Januari 12, 22:26 Drangheim
2 Chests NW
Thrall Master
Cauldron near Chasm of the Dead: +5 permanent Elemental Resistance
Yobboe gang: Perception (Rebecca), Haste (-), Enrage (-)

Midwife's Bag of Herbs, Dolly, Farmer's Plow
1 Chest
Returned items to villagers 3 x 500 xp
1 Chest in house

Cauldron: +10 Temporary Physical Resistance (chance of disease)
Dragonflies: Column of Fire (-), Turn Undead (-)

Januari 13, 01:07 Drangheim Prison
Visitor's Pass
Black Chest: Pendant of the Spheres

Januari 13, 01:35 Drangheim Prison
Used Fleet Foot scroll

Januari 13, 01:59 Drangheim City

Keith Bloodaxe (Temple)
"We have completed the task."
"Congratulations! I hereby promote you to Crusaders." $5,000 / 6,125 xp
Robin Crusader

Robin learns Elemental, Spirit, Light, Meditation
Robin learns Elemental Bolt, Elemental Protection, Enchant Item, Heal, Sparks, Turn Undead

Training Hall
Level 9
Ivanhoe L3 Bodybuilding
Rowena L4 Dark
Rebecca L4 Spirit
Robin L3 Dodge

Robin Expert Armsmaster

Januari 13, 02:27 Drangheim
Well in village: rope down

Always check the wells in this game. This one is a secret way to get into the prison, avoiding the guards! Hopefully you can also get out again ...

Januari 13, 02:45 Drangheim Prison
Ladder up
Barrel: Rowena +2 Magic
Nagates: Elemental Blast (-), Wound (-), Enrage (-), Fleetfoot (-), Torchlight (Rebecca), Bless (Robin), Pain Reflection (-), Elemental Aura (-), Haste (-)
Thrashheaps: Paralyze (-), Bodybuilding (-), Regeneration (-)
3 Chests: Fear (-)
Nagates: Resist Death (-), Disease (-), Wizard Eye (Robin), Faith (-), Scroll of Fleet Foot, Shared Life (-)
Thrash: Power Draw (-)
Januari 13, 03:54 Ladder up to middle level
Guards, Guard Captian, Nagates

Aymril Banito
"I guess I could help you. All I want you to do is to find my brother and open his cell.
I will show you a way to the top level where the most prominent prisoners are being held."
"Sounds like a deal."
"Inside the cow's cage is a secret door that I made."

Cow Cage, two ladders up
Dwarven Guard
Levers to open prison cells

Antoni Banito
"Are you the cook's brother? We're here to rescue you." 1,000 xp

Ivsar Forktooth
"We've come to take you back to Sturmford"
"If we get separated I'll meet you outside."

Down the stairs
Guard Sergeant
Levers to open prison cells
Front door guards

Januari 13, 05:20 Drangheim

Ivsar Forktooth
"I know the way from here. When you're ready to see Bjarni, you can find me in the Tavern in Sturmford."

Januari 13, 05:48 Drangheim City
Enchanted Amulet of Meditation, Ring of Meditation

Training Hall
Level 10
Ivanhoe L2 Merchant, L4 Bodybuilding
Rowena L4 Light, L3 Meditation
Rebecca L4 Elemental, L3 Meditation
Robin L4 Dodge, L2 Disarm Trap

Robin Expert Dodge
Bought Poison Cloud (-) at Magic Shop
Sold items at 41,2% of value

Januari 13, 06:18 Drangheim

Januari 13, 06:41 Chasm of Dead
Skeletons, Imp Elders
Januari 13, 07:44 Chasm proper

6 Apparitions: Arms of Earth (-), Scroll of Divine Intervention

Januari 13, 10:07 Drangheim

Januari 13, 10:28 Drangheim City

Januari 13, 10:34 Kluso's House
Count Kluso

Elite Dagger from wall: 7 Guard Captains

Januari 13, 11:19 Drangheim City

Training Hall
Level 11
Ivanhoe L3 Merchant
Rowena L4 Spirit
Rebecca L4 Dark
Robin L3 Disarm Trap, L2 Bodybuilding

Enchanted items
Sold at 42,2%

Enchanted Amulet of Practised Hands, Ring of Meditation, Gauntlets of +5 Item Lore

Januari 13, 11:39 Drangheim
Dock: fast 12:00 ferry