The Suggestions for MM8 page already contains Packing, Pathfinding, Music, Hurling and Grey Magic s new skills for the Might and Magic series. The Music skill is repeated below, since it is crucial for the Bard class. In addition, several new ideas are presented

Note that Musical instruments are equipped as weapons. After all, you will need your hands. This turns the All Goblin Orchestra, which played the pieces for both Tombs in MM8, into a mighty army indeed! The character playing the instrument will of course lose the (full) use of her normal weapons. But this is clearly compensated by the ability to hear the tune yourself.
Music can be played during melee combat only. Bows will take priority if the distance is too large for melee. Some instruments may come enchanted with spells such as regereration, immolation or swiftness that benefit the entire party. Only one instrument can be equipped by the party at any given time, even if more than one character can learn the skill.
The party will have to join a guild to be allowed to make music. There are two: the Guild of the Wooden Flute, which allows instruments with beneficial enchantments to be played, and the Guild of the Metal Gong, which permits playing instruments that carry enchantments to hurt the enemy. The party will have to choose, membership of one guild closes the door to the other.

Skill Music
DescriptionDiminishes damage done by foes to any party member
NormalReduces damage by L points for a percentage of all melee attacks
ExpertAdds a saving throw of 2L% v a percentage of all melee attacks
MasterInstruments can be played with one hand
GrandmasterDamage reduction and saving throws also v spells and ranged attacks

It is a long-standing wish with many gamers to have a more intricate dialogue with the local population, beyond clicking a fixed set of topics for a yes or no reply. This is where the skill of Diplomacy comes in. With a higher Diplomacy you will get more information and aid, where thresholds are modified by racial differences, alliances and reputation. It is, in a way, comparable to the Perception skill, except it affects dialogues instead of vision. Clerics will be able to become a Grandmaster at this skill.

Skill Diplomacy
DescriptionThe ability to coerce the local population to provide information and aid
NormalIncreases the chance to get help
ExpertThe effect is doubled
MasterThe effect is tripled
GrandmasterThe effect is quintupled

Of course certain knowledge and assistance will remain unavailable until the right time or until certain conditions are fulfilled.