Hidden treasure
Place Description
Dagger Wound Island Two Buoys, one north of town gives 2 skill points, the one south 5. Just once, for the active character, and only later in the game.
Dagger Wound Island A ring in a Flower.
Ravenshore A tree across from the Armory empties bottles(!). Another tree near the potion store gives an empty potion bottle.
Ravenshore A chest in a Tree near the bridge, north-west side of the river, usually caontaining an Artifact.
Ravenshore A tree between the Artifact Tree and town: minor treasure.
Ravenshore A Buoy gives 5 skillpoints to a single character.
Garrote Gorge A flower, east side of town near bridge, contains a treasure chest.
Alvar A chest outside the Ogre Fort in the inner back wall containing a Mace of the Sun
Alvar A chest in a rock in front of the Elemental Guild.
Alvar A tree on the plateau north of the Ogre Fort.
Ravage Roaming An Open Crate holding an Artifact in a pile of boxes in Zog's fortress.
Ravage Roaming A rock on the north side of the bay near the Church of Eep contains a treasure chest.
Shadowspire A Lloyd's Beacon scroll in the back wall of the Alchemy Shop.
Shadowspire Several Rune Posts give treasure (some have white potions). There's also a ring in a pond.
Regna One tree in town gives a Telekenesis scroll, another empties potion bottles.
Murmurwoods A Tree in Murmurwoods turns gems into items. From Strider's experiments: Zircon->Citrine, Iolite->random item, Citrine->Amethyst, Amber->white potion, Amethyst->Emerald, Topaz->random item, Emerald->Apple(!), Sapphire->2000 gold, Ruby->rejuvination potion, Diamond->horseshoe(!!)
Ironsand A chest in a Rock contains an Artifact. There's also a Cactus that gives minor treasure.