>> Callisto Cauri >>

Jan 13, 06:00 Callisto arrives in Shadowspire
2 Horseshoes
Bought Armageddon Spellbook
Quest: Iseldir's Puzzle Box (Benefice)
Hired Nathaniel Roberts
Quest: Vial of Grave Dirt (Hallien)
Intellect well
Drank from Central Fountain
Cast 3x Armageddon

Quest: Sarcophagus and Remains of Korbu (Lathean)
Quest: Lost Book of Kehl and Lich Jars (Vetrinus Taleshire)
Won Arcomage game #5
Quest: Bone of Doom (Tantilion)
Delivered Bone of Doom
Mace skill for Callisto
Sword, Mace, Dagger and Staff skills for Thanys
Dismissed Simon Templar
Hired Gethric Mercutura
Mace skill for Gethric
Armsmaster skill for Gethric
Quest: Ingredients for Pure Intellect (Kelvin)
Delivered Ingredients for Pure Intellect
Pure Intellect
Lloyd's Beacon scroll from back wall of Wolves' Bane
Bought Lloyd's Beacon and Fly scrolls
Used Town Portal scroll

Jan 13, 07:09 Ravenshore
Bow skill for Nathaniel Roberts
Bow skill for Gethric Mercutura
Gethric Master Dagger
Jan 13, 07:22 Guild Caravans

Jan 15, 07:22 Callisto arrives in Alvar
2 Horseshoes
Won Arcomage game #6
Quest: Ingredients for Pure Luck (Rihansi)
Delivered Ingredients for Pure Luck
Pure Luck (Callisto)
Quest: Eliminate Ogres (Keldon)
Quest: 3 Cheeses (Asael Fromago)
Quest: Find Cauri Blackthorne (Relburn Jeebes)
Personality well (temporary)
Bastian Loudrin
Quest: Bring Witness to Lake of Fire (Bastian Loudrin)
Day of the Gods pedestal
Body Magic skill for Gethric Mercutura
Callisto Expert Shield
Fire Magic skill for Nathaniel Roberts
Bought Lloyd's Beacon, Town Portal and Fly spellbooks
Drank from Central Fountain
Might well
Cast 3x Armageddon
Plate skill for Callisto
Jan 15, 09:08 Road to Murmurwoods

Jan 20, 09:08 Callisto arrives in Murmurwoods
Used Fly scroll
Quest: Ingredients for Pure Personality (Castegeir)
Delivered Ingredients for Pure Personality
Pure Personality
Won Arcomage game #7
5 Stone to Flesh scrolls from Dantillion
Quest: Prophecies of the Sun (Stephen)
Delivered Prophecies of the Sun
Priest of the Sun
Personality well

Jan 20, 09:32 Temple of the Sun
Set Beacon (Nathianiel Roberts #1)

Some Basilisks
4 Horseshoes
Unstoned statue

Jan 20, 09:55 Cauri Blackthorne
Won Contest of Accuracy (Callisto)
Heroism pedestal

Jan 20, 10:41 Ancient Troll Home

Used Town Portal scroll

Jan 20, 11:45 Ravenshore
Dismissed Thanys
Hired Cauri Blackthorne
Might well (temporary)
Leather skill for Cauri
Sword skill for Cauri

Jan 20, 11:54 Alvar
Day of the Gods pedestal
Shield skill for Cauri
Personality well (temporary)

Jan 20, 12:02 Ravenshore
Won Contest of Luck (Callisto, Talimere, Nathaniel, Gethric, Cauri)
Talimere Expert Spirit Magic
Gethric Mercutura Expert Chain

Jan 20, 12:22 Dagger Wound Island
Delivered Idol of the Snake
Captain Zyrain
South Buoy
Delivered Prophecies of the Snake
Visited Isthric at home
Reported Epidemic over at home
Intellect well (temporary)
North Buoy
Admiral Nelson

Callisto Expert Bodybuilding
Won Game of Intellect (Nathaniel, Gethric, Cauri)
Callisto Expert Plate
Delivered Antidote
Admiral Clausewitz

Jan 20, 13:05 Alvar
Obelisk #5
Won Test of Intellect (Callisto, Talimere, Nathaniel, Gethric, Cauri)
Won Arcomage game #8

Jan 20, 13:17 Ravenshore
Nathaniel Roberts Expert Meditation
Meditation skill for Cauri Blackthorne
Cauri Expert Sword
Talimere Expert Chain