>> Callisto Lord Brinne >>

Jan 10, 13:16 Ravenshore
Simon Templar Expert Sword
Chain skill for Callisto
Dagger, Staff and Spear skills for Callisto
Repair skill for Callisto
Identify Monster skill for Callisto
Might well (temporary)
Body, Mind and Spirit Magic skills for Thanys
Callisto Expert Sword
Thanys Expert Chain

Jan 10, 14:54 Smuggler's Cove
Anointed Herb Potion

Jan 10, 16:43 Chapel of Eep

Log of Eldenbree

Dismissed Arius
Over 100,000 gold
Dire Wolves


Jan 10, 20:58 Dire Wolf Den

Bone of Doom
Jan 10, 21:41 [fame=288]

Reported Dire Wolves killed
Merchant skill for Callisto

Jan 10, 23:13 Tomb of Lord Brinne

The Flute

Earth Resistance Pedestal
More Centaurs
The Oracle
Obelisk #7
Jan 11, 01:47 3 Chests on hill

{*} Callisto & friends rest at the Kantina and enjoy the White Goblin's tales {*}

Jan 11, 06:00 Guild Caravans