>> Callisto Ravenshore >>

Jan 05, 13:24 Callisto arrives in Ravenshore

Drank from Central Fountain
Merchant House of Alvar
Delivered Letter to Elgar Fellmoon
Quest: Letter to Arion Hunter (Elgar Fellmoon)
Merchant House basement
Town Portal and several other scrolls
Page Torn from a Book
History of the vault of Time

Simon Templar Expert Sword
Hired Arius
Quest: Arcomage Champion (Blueswan)
Might well (temporary)
Bought Spellbook of Regeneration
Quest: Eclipse (Lathius)
Quest: Novice Bounty Hunter (Guild of Bounty Hunters)
2 Horseshoes
Won Arcomage game #2
Perception skill for Callisto, Talimere and Simon Templar
Bought 2 Town Portal scrolls
Crossed the bridge
Sold Fruit
Arius Expert Chain
Jan 05, 15:10 Breaker from Tree near second bridge
Quest: Dire Wolves (Maddigan)
Won Arcomage game #3
Jan 05, 15:49 Smuggler's Cove

Jan 05, 17:09 Delivered Letter to Arion Hunter
Quest: False Report to Stanley (Arion Hunter)
Quest: Rescue Family from Ogre Fortress (Arion Hunter)
Jan 05, 17:22 [fame=70]

Reported Letter to Arion Hunter delivered
Quest: See Bastian Loudrin (Elgar Fellmoon)
Jan 05, 17:59 Boarded the "Wind"