Callisto Dagger Wound >>

Jan 01, 09:00 Callisto arrives on Dagger Wound Island
Quest: Find Dadeross

Plundered wagons
Won Arcomage game #1
Disarm skill for Callisto
Quest: Yellow Feaver (Aislen)
Sold brandy to Long-Tail
Hired Devlin Arcanus
Hired Elsbeth Lamentia
Quest: Prophecy of the Snake (Pascella Tisk)
Clan Leader's Hall
Found Dadeross
Quest: Letter to Elgar Fellmoon (Dadeross)
Quest: Portal Crystal to Talimere (Brekish Onefang)
Quest: Idol of the Snake (Hiss)
Jan 01, 09:26 Portal Crystal to Talimere
Hired Talimere
Luck well
Quest: Find Isthric (Rohtnax)
Armsmaster skill for Callisto
Armsmaster skill for Talimere
Bodybuilding skill for Talimere
Money well
Bodybuilding skill for Callisto
Drank from Central Fountain
Bow skill for Talimere
Intellect well (temporary)
Chest on hill
Quest: Ingredients for Pure Speed (Thistle)
Jan 01, 10:06 Delivered Ingredients for Pure Speed
Pure Speed (Callisto)
Quest: Antidote (Languid)
Dismissed Elsbeth Lamentia
Dismissed Devlin Arcanus
Fought pirates to get Cure Disease scrolls from chests
Activated first teleporter
4 Chests on island
Talimere Expert Body Magic
Talimere Expert Merchant
Found Isthric the Tongue
Cured 3 diseased
Activated second portal
Fire Resistance pedestal
Won Game of Intellect (Callisto, Talimere)
Cured 3 more ill

Jan 01, 11:24 Entered Abandoned Temple
Hired Simon Templar
Prophecies of the Snake
Old Scroll

Jan 01, 12:41 Prophecies of the Sun
Idol of the Snake

Jan 01, 13:24 Boarded the "Windling"