Scale of Judging Upon searching the arbiter's house right after the death of Judge Grey, you may find a testament. In that he asks the finder to search for the Scale of Judging, which is needed to train impartial arbiters. Without it, there is little hope for friendly settlements in the future. The Snowelves will help you retrieve the Scale from the Frost Giants if you help them capture a ghost dragon.

Statue of the White Goblin When the White Goblin, on one of his rare foreign trips, related the fate of the renegade elves to the snowelf court, they crafted a small golden statue in his honour and placed it under the Lonely Tree. The Titans of Eeofol are out to steal it, since they think it will help them to break their ban. Your task is to rescue the statue before the Titans can take it off the island.

Faerie Pipes Go to the Faerie King again, and he will reconsider. You need the O quest in your questbook and the pipes in your inventory or he won't speak with you. This time, he will ask you to bring them to the Faerie Queen as a present, in the hope that she will return to him. The Faerie Queen moved to the Forest on Vori after the Nighon war.

Obelisk #15 Not really a quest, but if you go east from the Lonely Tree and follow the mountain trail, you will come upon Obelisk #15. Its message will reveal the location of the real obelisk treasure. Of course you already had your doubts about the one you found from the other 14, it just couldn't be that the treasure was so disappointing!
Disclaimer: While both Gandalf and I have visited Vori, it may or may not have been in Might & Magic VII, and the above may or may not be based partly or even entirely on fantasy. On the other hand, so is MM7. Some believe, and some don't.