Despite the warehouse function of castle Harmondale, a "packing" skill is on many an adventurer's wishlist. Especially with an alchemist the party, one's inventory will quickly be filled to the maximum. To make a more efficient use of the backpacks would make live in Might & Magic a lot easier. It could be like this:
Skill Packing
DescriptionThe ability to stack items in the inventory
NormalUp to (L+1) identical items of a maximum of 2 squares
ExpertUp to (2L+1) identical items and 6 squares
MasterUp to (3L+1) identical items of any size
GrandmasterUp to (4L+1), items may have different enchantments or powers

The following skill covers several abilities that are in high demand on the boards: it's the "pathfinding" skill, one at which Rangers should excel. Perhaps it could replace or incorporate the Identify Monster skill, which is not very valuable. It would make Rangers more attractive party members. Further, it would eliminate the need for pathfinder NPC's. Grandmasters without aid, or Masters with the help of a tracker, would complete all overland mapcrossings in a single day.
DescriptionThe ability to get around outdoors
NormalReduces all mapcrossings by 2L% (to a minimum of 1 day)
ExpertAdds 1 food per day, mapcrossings minus 4L%
MasterAdds 2 food, mapcrossings minus 6L%, allows party to swim
GrandmasterAdds 3 food, mapcrossings minus 8L%, allows party to mountaineer

The White Goblin would really love the next one, which is also a favourite among us gamers. A Bard's dream it is: the music skill. Playing an instrument - be it flute, gong, harp, lute, pipes, trumpet or any other - will inspire all the party members. The obvious drawback, of course, is that the character playing the instrument will have to equip it, thereby foregoing the (full) use of her weapons. Music can only be played during melee combat. Bows will take priority if the distance is too large for melee.
On the upside, you will able the hear the tune yourself. Some instruments may come enchanted with spells such as regereration, pain reflection or protection from fire that benefit the entire party. Only one instrument can be equipped by the party at any given time, even if more than one character can learn the skill.
The party will have to join a guild to be able to play music. There are two: the Guild of the Wooden Flute, which allows instruments with beneficial enchantments to be played, and the Guild of the Metal Gong, which permits playing instruments that carry enchantments to hurt the enemy. The party will have to choose, membership of one guild closes the door to the other.
DescriptionDiminishes damage done by foes to any party member
NormalReduces damage by L points for a percentage of all melee attacks
ExpertAdds a saving throw of 2L% v a percentage of all melee attacks
MasterInstruments can be played with one hand
GrandmasterDamage reduction and saving throws also v spells and ranged attacks

While there is a large variety in melee weapons, there are only two types of ranged weapons in Might & Magic so far: the longbow and the crossbow. It would be nice to find more, such as: bola, boomerang (or chakram), dart, sling, shuriken and throwing axe. I don't think it would be wise to add that many new skills as well. Basically, there are two ranged weapon skills: shooting (crossbow, longbow, dart - ok, blowing) and hurling. This last one is new.
DescriptionThe ability to throw objects at the enemy
NormalSkill is added to attack bonus
ExpertSkill reduces recovery time
MasterTwo throws or chance to stunt (bola, boomerang)
GrandmasterThree throws or chance to paralyze (bola, boomerang)

Ever since Might & Magic VI, and maybe even before that, gamers have wondered: is there something between Light and Dark? A middle ground, so to speak, not good and not evil. And now there is: Grey Magic, with pretty powerful spells at that. Grey Magic is the magic of secrecy and stealth, of making use of the environment. It would fill a niche in the range offered in the Might and Magic so far.
SkillGrey Magic
DescriptionThe ability to hide, evade and work around
NormalBlind, Tag, Fog, Dark Lantern
ExpertIllusion, Shadow, Rainfall
MasterPhasing, Doppleganger, Hailstorm
GrandmasterTime Gate