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April 25, 15:19 Eeofol Tunnels

Pure Accuracy (Arlana) from Medusa Empress
Griffin Bow of Acid
April 25, 20:58 Arrived in the Land of the Giants (by tunnel)
Quest: Rescue Roland (Archibald)
Obelisk #11
6 genie lamps
Harmondale (by Altar)
2x Paladin Boots of Health, Ring of Water Magic and Gilded Belt of the Gods from ore
April 25, 22:19 Land of the Giants (by Altar)
Won Challenge of Might
Pure Accuracy and Pure Luck (Tabatha)
April 25, 22:45 Mega Dragon Cave

Hermes Sandals from Mega Dragon
Royal Crown of Arms from Blue Dragon
April 25, 23:33 Dragon Cave
2 Dragon Eggs
April 26, 0:05 Nighon
April 26, 0:25 Land of the Giants (by Altar)

Cast 10x Armageddon (scrolls)
Griffin Bow of the Dragon from red Dragon
Griffin Bow of Thunderbolts from Blue Dragon
Cleared Altar area
Griffin Bow of Carnage from Red Dragon
Duelist Blade of Thunderbolts from Blue Dragon
Gibbet from Blue Dragon
April 26, 5:08 Cleared Dragon Pit area
Fly scroll from Storm Titan
Exquisite Long Dagger of Ice from Blood Titan

Cleared remaining area