<< Fantaghiro Watchtower 6 >>

April 24, 23:29 Deyja (by Lloyd's Beacon scroll)
Bought Pure Accuracy (Cassiopeia) and Fly scroll
Golem Right Leg from chest
4 Genie Lamps
Golem Left Leg from chest
Cleared surface

April 25, 1:20 Hall of the Pit
Won Arcomage game
April 25, 2:38 Watchtower 6

Moved  counterweight
April 25, 4:40 Nighon
Arlana Expert Meditation
April 25, 5:28 The Maze
April 25, 6:57 Erathia
Collected Bounty for Stone Elemental (3000 gold)
Tularean Forest
Collected Bounty for Harpy Hag (1700 gold)
April 25, 7:47 The Maze

Minotaur's Axe
Angel Statuette
Haldar's Remains
April 25, 11:18 Nighon
Returned Haldar's Remains
Bracada (by Lloyd's Beacon scroll)
4x Armageddon scroll from Scroll shop
Hired Prelate
Destroyed golems
Placed Angel Statuette
Tularean Forest
Reported Statuettes Placed
Thunderfist Mountain