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April 24, 16:26 Arrived on Evenmorn Island (by ship)

Won Arcomage game
Won Contest of Might
April 24, 16:56 Grand Temple of the Moon
Moon Cloak
Eagle Statuette

Set Beacon (Arlana #2)
Genie Lamp
Altar of Accuracy and Speed
Obelisk #8
Stonehenge Monolith

April 24, 19:02 Grand Temple of the Sun
Knight Statuette

Sun Cloak
April 24, 19:44 Tularean Forest (by Town Portal scroll)
Great Druid
Tabatha Expert Dagger
Hired Gatemaster
Nighon (by Gatemaster)
Hired Weaponmaster
Arlana Master Water Magic
Bought Fly scroll
Arlana Master Spirit Magic
April 24, 20:56 Tatalia (by Lloyd's Beacon scroll)
Arlana Master Body Magic
Placed Eagle Statuette
Avlee (by Lloyd's Beacon scroll)
Placed Knight Statuette
April 24, 21:54 Temple of Baa

Killed High Priest of Baa
Cloak of the Sheep