<< Fantaghiro Wromthrax >>

March 7, 9:00 Harmondale
March 8, 9:03 Arena (by coach)
Won Knight Victory
March 8, 9:16 Tularean Forest (by Town Portal scroll)
Hired Gatemaster
Bracada (by Lloyd's Beacon)
4 Lloyd's Beacon scrolls from Scroll shop
Erathia (by Gatemaster)
March 9, 9:23 Arrived in Tatalia (by coach)
3 horseshoes
+2 Speed well
Quest: 3 Paintings (Ferdinand Visconti)
Won Contest of Accuracy
Set Beacon (Tabatha)
March 9, 10:02 Wromthrax's Cave

March 9, 10:19Crusader
Looted Charele from Wromthrax's body
Obelisk #12
Stonehenge Monolith

Cleared snow and swamps
Fantaghiro, Tabatha and Cassiopeia Expert Armsmaster
Won Arcomage game
Golem right arm
March 9, 12:45 Tidewater Caverns
Map to Evenmorn Island
March 9, 13:47 Nighon (by Gatemaster)
Hired Gatemaster
Tabatha Master Bow
Cleared path
March 9, 15:20 Thunderfist Mountain
Warlock Castle

Case of Soul Jars
Cleared center of Thunderfist Mountain
March 9, 17:49 Erathia (by Gatemaster)
Bounty for Air Warlock (5000 gold)
Training Hall
Level 8