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Feb 19, 9:00 Erathia
Bracada (by Lloyd's Beacon)
2 Lloyd's Beacon, 1 Fly, 1 Protection from Magic from Scroll shop
Refreshed Beacon (Arlana #1)
Fantaghiro, Tabatha and Cassiopeia Expert Body Building
Feb 19, 9:34 Red Dwarf Mines
Medusa's Mirror

Lift sabotaged
Feb 19, 13:07 Nighon (by Gatemaster)
Won Contest of Intellect
Thunderfist Mountain
Ring +25 hp from Evil Eye
Feb 19, 14:43 Nighon Tunnels
Cleared remaining part
Feb 19, 17:10 Stone City
Bought Town Portal scroll
Hired Gatemaster
Erathia (by Gatemaster)
Training Hall
Level 6
Feb 27, 9:00 Erathia
Bracada (by Lloyd's Beacon scroll)
4 Lloyd's Beacon scrolls from Scroll shop
Bought Ring of Fire Magic
Bought Pure Endurance (Fantaghiro)
Feb 27, 9:16 Tularean Forest
Hired Gatemaster
Clanker's Lab
Pure Speed (Tabatha)
Town Portal, Day of the Gods, Day of Protection scrolls

Clanker's Amulet from mutated Evil Eye
Feb 27, 14:11 Avlee (by Lloyd's Beacon scroll)
Warrior Mage
Tabatha Master Chain
Obelisk #13
Golem Left Arm
Protection from Magic scroll (chest)
Stonehenge Monolith

Cleared Baa area
Won Test of Accuracy
Feb 27, 15:56 Hall under the Hill
Delivered Letter to Faerie King, received Faerie Pipes
Faerie Ring (chest)
Faerie Key from Queen Dragonfly

Feb 27, 16:41 Faerie Treasure
Tularean Forest (by Gatemaster)
Delivered Faerie Pipes
Tabatha Expert Fire Magic
Feb 27, 17:30 Harmondale
Received O-quest
Hired Explorer and Horseman
Training Hall
Level 7