<< Fantaghiro Prisoner of War >>

Feb 9, 9:00 Erathia
Bracada (by Lloyd's Beacon)
2x Lloyd's Beacon and 2x Armageddon scroll from Scroll shop
Feb 10, 9:13 Arrived in Tularean Forest (by coach)
3 horseshoes
Quest: Great Druid (Anthony Green)
Won Contest of Endurance
Tabatha Expert Chain
Fantaghiro Expert Bow
Won Arcomage game
Quest: Statuettes (Thom Lumbra)
Arlana Expert Dagger
Quest: Hunter (Ebednezer Sower)
Bought Fly scroll
Quest: Letter to Faerie King (Johann Kerrid)
Feb 10, 9:40 Castle Navan

Quest: Riverstride Plans (King Parson)
Delivered Riverstride Plans
Arlana Expert Water
Altar of Water, Fire and Air resistance
Spear skill for Fantaghiro and Cassiopeia
Obelisk #3

Feb 10, 11:09 Clanker's Lab

Pure Intellect (Tabatha)
Pure Speed and Pure Luck (Arlana)
Feb 10, 12:05 Tularean Caves

Feb 10, 14:25 Rescued Loren Steel
Feb 10, 14:43 Castle Navan
Feb 11, 16:52 Arrived in Avlee (by coach)
3 horseshoes
Tabatha Expert Spear
Won Arcomage game
+2 Endurance well
Quest: Warrior Mage (Steagal Snick)
Set Lloyd's Beacon (Fantaghiro)
Feb 11, 17:09 Erathia (by Gatemaster)
Bounty for Elven Archer (1100)
Bought Fly scroll
Feb 11, 17:19 Castle Gryphonheart

Quest: Rescue Loren Steel (Queen Catherine)
Returned Loren Steel
Training Hall
Level 5