Besiege the Haunters

Having heard tales about a powerful spell our heroes

Sir Lancelot, human Knight
Archimedes, human Thief
Guinevere, dwarven Cleric
Morgan le Fay, elven Sorcerer

in search of a way to reduce travel time, set out to visit the only available library they know of. Hoping to find a Lloyd's Beacon scroll, they are determined to have a look in the Haunted Mansion. To go unpunished, they need to find an invisibility scroll first, and the magic shop in Stone City is just the place.
So, after cleaning out their castle, they hire a tracker and a guide and hurry towards the dwarf city. They use the Lloyd's Beacon scroll to set a beacon in the Barrow Downs. Now all they have to do to gain a day is to raise enough money to be allowed to use the bookshop in the School of Sorcery, where more beacon scrolls can be acquired.
Back in Stone City to return the rescued dwarves, they hire a gatemaster to transport them to Castle Harmondale.
This method was also used in the Dark Walkthru, but Lancelot's party gains time by buying a seashell to win the scavenger hunt a little faster. Of course that means less money in their pockets, so they have to collect treasure in the Red Dwarf Mines before they can spend 5000 gold at the bookshop.
The part on Emerald Isle is the same as for the Nighon route. This time the party doesn't visit Erathia, which appears not to make any difference whatsoever regarding the time they enter the Barrow Downs.


Jan 01, 09:00 Arrived on Emerald Isle
Quest: Scavenger hunt

Drank from Fire Protection well
Air & Fire guild membership
Chest on the beach
Accepted Fireball Wand from Mr. Malwick
Drank from Luck well, 4x+2 for Sir lancelot and Archimedes
Hired Duper
Bought Recharge Item scroll
Body & Spirit guild membership
1000 gold from Money well
Bought Lute from Alice the Bard
Bow skill for Guinevere
Killed 2 dragonflies while crossing the bridge
Traded Red Potion with Brent Filiant for Wealthy Hat
Visited Day of the Gods and Fire Protection pedestals
Jan 01, 09:41 Dragon's Lair
Contestant's Shield and Longbow

Jan 01, 09:47 Killed Morcarack
Looted dragon for Ullyses
Bought Seashell from Sally by the Ocean
Won Game of Luck
Jan 01, 09:56 Temple of the Moon

Floor Tile
Jan 01, 10:31 Lord Markham's headquarters
Quest: Find Missing Contestants (Lord Markham)
Brought proof of Missing Contestants
Won Scavenger hunt
Lords of Harmondale
Hired Merchant
Bow skill for Morgan le Fay
Jan 01, 10:39 Boarded the Lady Margaret

Jan 08, 10:39 Arrived in Harmondale
Quest: Kill all Goblins in Castle Harmondale (Butler)
Jan 08, 10:40 Castle Harmondale

Jan 08, 11:39 Killed all Goblins
Quest: Lantarn of Light (Tarin Withern)
5 horseshoes (AAGGG)
Reported Castle cleaned out
Quest: Dwarves in Stone City will fix castle (Butler)
Quest: Signet Ring (Davrik Peladium)
Leather skill for Archimedes and Morgan le Fay
Chain skill for Guinevere
Bought Spellbook of Regeneration
Drank from +2 Accuracy well
Hired Guide and Tracker
Guinevere Expert Body Magic
Quest: Initiate (Bartholomew Hume)
Joined Water, Earth and Mind Guilds
Jan 10, 12:34 Arrived in the Barrow Downs (on foot)
Jan 10, 13:02 Stone City
Hired Pathfinder
Bought Fly and Invisibility scrolls
Jan 10, 13:08 Throne Room

Quest: Rescue dwarves from Red Dwarf Mines (King Hothfarr IX)
Plate skill for Sir Lancelot
Jan 10, 13:14 Barrow Downs
Cast Fly and Invisibility (scrolls)
Jan 10, 13:22 Haunted Mansion

Lloyd's Beacon, Fly, Preservation and Day of Protection scrolls from library
Jan 10, 13:28 Barrow Downs
Set Beacon (Archimedes, scroll)
Jan 11, 13:30 Arrived in Bracada (on foot)
Cast Fly (scroll)
Jan 11, 13:31 Red Dwarf Mines

Rescued 7 dwarves
Jan 11, 13:30 Bracada
Normal Golem head from chest
3 horseshoes (AGG)
Abbey Normal Golem head, Bill of Sale and Fly scroll from chest
Jan 11, 14:50 School of Sorcery

Quest: Wizard (Thomas Grey)
2 Lloyd's Beacon, 1 Day of the Gods and 1 Armageddon scrolls from Bookshop
Set Beacon (Sir Lancelot, scroll)
Barrow Downs (by Lloyd's Beacon scroll)
Jan 11, 14:58 Stone City
Hired Gatemaster
Jan 10, 15:05Throne Room
Reported Dwarves rescued
Archimedes Expert Merchant
Jan 11, 15:07 Castle Harmondale (by Gatemaster)
Invitations from embassadors Ellen Rockway (Erathia) and Alain Hani (Tularean Forest)

Jan 11, 15:11 Harmondale
Messenger at castle gate: war!


Our heroes have done great. They have gained some expert skills, set up beacons in Bracada and the Barrow Downs, have treasure in their backpacks and have safely returned to Harmondale, with several hours to spare before they will head for the training facilities.