<< Ribannah Roland Ironfist >>

May 11, 1:40 Deyja (by Lloyd's beacon scroll)
Lord Whitington Master Sword
May 11, 2:01 Watchtower 6

Moved Weight
May 11, 3:39 Thunderfist Mountain

Warlock castle
Thunderfist Mountain
May 11, 5:54 Eeofol Tunnels

Pure Might (Ribannah) from Empress Medusa
Pure Speed (Lord Whitington) from Empress Medusa
Quest: Rescue Roland (Archibald)
May 11, 10:26 Arrived in the Land of the Giants
Obelisk #11
6 Genie Lamps

May 11, 11:14 Harmondale (by Altar)
Land of the Giants (by Altar)
Won Challenge of Might
Pure Luck (Twindalah)
May 11, 11:28 Dragon Cave
Pure Accuracy (Twindalah) from Red Dragon
2 Dragon Eggs
May 11, 12:26 Mega Dragon Cave

Hermes' Sandals from Mega Dragon
May 11, 13:05 Erathia
Pure Might (The Jolly Bard), Warlock's Ring of Health, Mogred Gauntlets of Arms, Wizard Ring of dark and Angel's Ring of Magic from ore
Received Bounty for killing Behemoth (6000 gold)
Land of the Giants (by Altar)
May 11, 13:41 Colony Zod
Ullyses from chest

Rescued Roland Ironfist
May 11, 16:06 Killed Xenofex

Ban of Archibald
Castle Harmondale
May 11, 16:15 Harmondale