<< Ribannah Titan Stronghold >>

May 10, 11:26 Tatalia (by Lloyd's Beacon scroll)
The Jolly Bard Master Body Magic
Placed Eagle Statuette
May 10, 11:55 Wine Cellar

Discovered Vampires
May 10, 12:39 Mercenary Guild
Lieutenant's Cutlasss

May 10, 13:38 Heart of the Wood
Tularean Forest
Cleared lake area

Cleared mountain area
May 10, 16:14 Reached top of volcano

Glorious Cloak of Earth Magic, Sun Amulet of Health, Guilded Belt of Health, Exquisite Long Dagger of the Dragon, Mogred Gauntlets of Defense, Pure Might (Lord Whitington), Pure Intellect (Twindalah) and Pure Accuracy (Ribannah) from ore
May 10, 16:48 The Maze

Angel Statuette
Haldar's Remains
May 10, 16:14 [fame=2929]
Returned Haldar's Remains to Mazim Dusk
Avlee (by Lloyd's Beacon)
Ribannah Master Air Magic
Warrior Mage
Placed Knight Statuette
May 10, 18:55 Temple of Baa

Killed High Priest of Baa
Cloak of the Sheep
May 10, 20:22 Titan Stronghold
Pure Speed (Ribannah) from chest
Glory Shield from Blood Titan

Twilight from chest
Wallace from Blue Dragon
Set Beacon (Twindalah #5)
Pure Endurance (Lord Whitington) from chest
Pure Accuracy (The Jolly Bard) from Blood Titan
May 11, 1:33 Nighon