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April 8, 9:00 Stone City
Reset Beacon (Lord Whitington)
Bracada (by Lloyd's Beacon scroll)
Reset Beacon (Twindalah #1)
4x Lloyd's Beacon scroll from Bookshop
April 8, 9:06 Castle Harmondale (by Gatemaster)
Hired Horseman
April 9, 9:19 Arrived in Erathia (by coach)
3 horseshoes (WRJ)
Quest: Letter to Markham (Norbert Trush)
+2 Might well
Quest: ArcoMage Champion (Gina Barnes)
Won Arcomage game #6
Quest: Crusader (Sir Charles Quixote)
Quest: Cavalier (Frederick Org)
Ribannah Expert Mind
Lord Whitington, Ribannah and The Jolly Bard Expert Shield
Lord Whitington Expert Sword
Noble Plate Armor of Arms and Royal Leather of the Troll, Royal Leather of the Unicorn, Golden Chainmail of the Troll, Pure Accuracy (Lord Whitington), Pure Endurance (Twindalah), Pure Personality (The Jolly Bard) from ore
Bought Fly scroll
Lord Whitington Master Plate
Won Contest of Speed
Altar of +10 Luck
Destroyed Robber camp
Griffin Hunt

April 9, 10:55 Obelisk #2
Killed guards and friendly griffins
Hill Bandits

[fame=843] April 9, 12:03 Bandit Caves
Signet Ring
April 9, 12:40 Erathian Sewer

Quest: Rogue (William Lasker)
April 9, 14:53 Fort Riverstride

Stole Riverstride Plans
April 9, 16:10 Tularean Forest (by Town Portal scroll)
Castle Navan
Quest: Riverstride Plans (King Parson)
Gave Riverstride Plans to King Parson
April 9, 16:42 The Proving Grounds
Level 12
April 17, 9:00 Tularean Forest
April 17, 9:36 Tularean Caves

Rescued Loren Steel
April 17, 12:19 Castle Navan

Hour of Power scroll from library
April 17, 14:30 Bracada (by Lloyd's Beacon scroll)
1x Lloyd's Beacon and 3x Town Portal scroll from Bookshop
Erathia (by Town Portal scroll)
April 17, 15:05 Castle Gryphonheart
Quest: Rescue Loren Steel (Queen Catherine)
Returned Loren Steel to Queen Catherine

Day of Protection scroll from library
Cleared left wing
April 17, 17:23 Portrait of Roland
Catherine's Key
Out by the roof
April 17, 17:49 In Her Majesty's Service
Level 13