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March 27, 9:00 Harmondale
March 28, 9:04 Arrived in the Tularean Forest (by coach)
Quest: Gryphonheart's Trumpet (Messenger from Erathia)
3 horseshoes (RRJ)
Quest: Great Druid (Anthony Green)
Won Contest of Accuracy
The Jolly Bard Expert Chain
Won Arcomage game #5
Quest: Statuettes (Thom Lumbra)
Quest: Hunter (Ebednezer Sower)
Bought Fly scroll
Quest: Letter to Faerie King (Johann Kerrid)
Twindalah Expert Fire
Ribannah Expert Air
Twindalah Expert Water
Altar of +10 Water, Fire and Air Resistance
Obelisk #3
Killed Guards

Cleared elf-human battlefield

March 28, 11:48 Gryphonheart's Trumpet
March 28, 12:03 Clanker's Lab
Ring of Body Magic from Evil Eye
Day of Protection and Hour of Power scrolls from library

March 28, 15:33 Clanker's Amulet from mutated Evil Eye
Pure Intellect (Ribannah)
Pure Luck (The Jolly Bard)
Pure Speed (the Jolly Bard)
March 28, 17:00 Ethric's Staff from chest
Set Beacon (The Jolly Bard)
Hired Gatemaster
Castle Harmondale (by Gatemaster)

Brought Gryphonheart's Trumpet to Judge Grey
Bracada (by Lloyd's Beacon)
Bought Pure Might (Twindalah), Wand of Paralyzing and Armageddon scroll
4x Lloyd's Beacon scroll from Bookshop
Stone City (by Lloyd's Beacon)
Bought Fly scroll
March 28, 17:52 War College
Level 11