<< Ribannah White Cliff >>

Feb 7, 9:00 Harmondale
Won Contest of Personality
Ribannah Expert Leather
Lit Signal Fire South
White Cliff Goblins
Feb 7, 10:34 White Cliff Caves

Found Arcomage Deck
Lit Signal fire West

Feb 7, 12:22 Conquered Fortress
Obelisk #1
Lit Signal Fire North
Reported Elron's death
Won Arcomage Game #1
Killed Guards
Feb 7, 13:42 Bracada (by Lloyd's Beacon scroll)
4x Lloyd's Beacon scroll from Bookshop
Won Arcomage Game #2
Lord Whithington, The Jolly Bard Expert Bow
Barrow Downs (by Lloyd's Beacon scroll)
Feb 7, 14:03 Stone City

Won Arcomage Game #3
Barrow Downs
Chest teleport

Cleared remaining area
Feb 7, 17:21 Stone City
War College
Level 5