<< Ribannah Troglodytes >>

Jan 19, 9:00 Harmondale
Ribannah Expert Spirit
Barrow Downs (by Lloyd's Beacon scroll)
Stone City
Quest: Kill troglodytes underneath Stone City (Spark Burnkindle)
Jan 19, 9:50 Troglodyte mines

Obelisk #14
Reported Troglodytes killed
Jan 19, 11:36 Bracada (by Lloyd's Beacon scroll)
4x Lloyd's Beacon scroll from Bookshop
Bought Pure Luck (Lord Whitington) and Town Portal scroll
Griffin hunt

3 Genie Lamps
Won Contest of Intellect
Obelisk #5
Golem head
Jan 19, 15:05 Barrow Downs (by Lloyd's Beacon scroll)

Golem torso
Altar of +10 Endurance and Might
Cleared SW area
Obelisk #10
Won Contest of Endurance
Jan 19, 16:21 Stone City
Lord Whitington Expert Plate
The Jolly Bard Expert Mace
Jan 19, 17:43 War College
Level 3
Jan 27, 9:00 Stone City
Bought Fly scroll
Ribannah Expert Earth
Lord Whitington Expert Bodybuilding
Jan 27, 9:22 Barrow Downs
Jan 27, 9:54 Dwarven Barrows

Jan 27, 12:59 Initiate
Cleared 8 barrows
Jan 27, 14:40 Stone City

Dwarven Treasure
Jan 27, 17:09 Bracada
4x Lloyd's Beacon scroll from Bookshop
Ribannah Expert Alchemy
Castle Harmondale (by Town Portal scroll)
Jan 27, 17:38 Harmondale
Water Magic skill for Ribannah
Air Magic skill for Ribannah
Mind Magic skill for Ribannah
Meditation skill for Twindalah
Twindalah Expert Staff
Twindalah Expert Leather
Jan 27, 17:58 Basic Principles
Level 4