<< Ribannah Castle Fixed >>

Jan 08, 11:47 Arrived in Harmondale (by ship)
Quest: Clean out Castle Harmondale (Butler)
Castle Harmondale

Jan 08, 12:32 Cleaned out castle
Hired Explorer and Tracker
Quest: Signet Ring (Davrik Peladium)
Reported Castle cleaned out
Quest: Dwarves in Stone City will fix castle (Butler)
5 horseshoes (WWWRJ)
Joined Water, Earth and Mind Guilds
Quest: Initiate (Bartholomew Hume)
Jan 10, 13:20 Arrived in Barrow Downs (by foot)
Wand of Ice
Jan 10, 13:49 Arrived in Stone City
Hired Pathfinder
Lord Whitington Expert Merchant
Jan 10, 13:59 Throne Room

Quest: Rescue dwarves from Red Dwarf Mines (King Hothfarr IX)
Bought Fly and Invisibility scrolls
Barrow Downs
Jan 10, 14:14 Haunted Mansion

Lloyd's Beacon, Fly, Town Portal, Hour of Power, Day of Protection scrolls from Library
Set Beacon (Lord Whitington)
Jan 11, 14:34 Arrived in Bracada (by foot)
3 horseshoes (RJJ)
Abbey Normal Golem Head, Bill of Sale and Fly scroll from chest
Jan 11, 14:47 School of Sorcery

Quest: Wizard (Thomas Grey)
4 Lloyd's Beacon scrolls from Bookshop
Set Beacon (Ribannah)
Jan 11, 14:56 Red Dwarf Mines

Rescued 7 dwarves
Jan 11, 16:03 Barrow Downs (by Lloyd's Beacon scroll)
Stone City
Shield skill for Lord Whitington and Ribannah
Plate skill for Lord Whitington
Chain skill for The Jolly Bard
Returned Seven Dwarves
Jan 11, 16:10 Castle Harmondale (by Town Portal scroll)

Castle Fixed
Invitations from Embassadors
Jan 11, 16:14 Harmondale
Castle Harmondale
Interrogation Scroll from castle basement
Quest: Lantern of Light (Tarin Withern)
Hired Duper and Merchant
The Jolly Bard Expert Body Magic
Quest: Fate of Elron (Darren Temper)
Quest: Light Beacon Fires (Hairbaugh)
Leather skill for Ribannah
Jan 11, 17:53 Basic Principles
Level 2