Ribannah Emerald Isle >>

Jan 01, 09:00 Arrived on Emerald Isle
Quest: Scavenger hunt
Joined Air Guild
Joined Fire Guild
Accepted Fireball Wand from Mr. Malwick
Well of Luck
Hired Piper and Duper
Bought recharge Item scroll
Jan 01, 09:26 Dragon's Lair
Contestant's Shield and Longbow

Griffin Bow of Carnage from Morcarack
Won Game of Luck
Jan 01, 09:48 Temple of the Moon

Second Longbow from Sal Sharktooth
Wealthy Hat
Jan 01, 10:41 Floor Tile
Second Wealthy Hat from Brent Filiant

Killed Dragonflies
Jan 01, 11:19 Seashell
Alchemy skill for Ribannah
Merchant and Disarm Trap skills for Lord Whitington
Perception skill for Twindalah, Ribannah and The Jolly Bard
Bow skill for Twindalah, Ribannah and The Jolly Bard
Bought Lute from Alice te Bard
Quest: Find Missing Contestants (Lord Markham)
Brought proof of Missing Contestants
Won Scavenger hunt
Lords of Harmondale
Joined Body and Spirit Guilds
Jan 01, 11:47 Boarded the Lady Margaret